5 Shades of Grey Crochet Blanket Pattern, Big enough for Cuddles

Grey will never be just grey again - you know what I mean?  So while we're on the topic, how about this 5 shades of grey crochet blanket?

Too hot to handle?

Actually, the stitch pattern used for the blanket, is a textured and solid crochet pattern.  Your blankie will be warm enough for some red room activities.

5 Shades of Grey Crochet Blanket free pattern on easyonthetongue.com  5 Shades of Grey Crochet Blanket Pattern, Big enough for Cuddles



  • Yarn of your choice - I used a double knitting weight/light or light worsted yarn, in a multi-color (grey toned)
  • Hook size for your yarn choice - hook used for this project - 4mm,  G/6 (US) 8 (UK)
  • Embroidery Needle to attach the tassles

Skill level:  Beginner with basic crochet skills

I found this yarn on Amazon that is pretty similar to what I've used.

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ch        – chain

dc        - double crochet

hdc      - half double crochet

sc         - single crochet

sts        - stitches


Hook and tension may differ.

With the listed yarn and hook, my blanket measures:

135cm (53.15") x 150cm (59") (length)


Ch1 at every end of the row, does not count as a stitch.

Refer to a previous post, for more detail about the Lemon Peel Stitch also known as Soft Moss Stitch.  

Make the last stitch of each row, on the edge of your work.

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how to crochet - video tutorials

Learn how to:

the 5 shades of grey crochet blanket pattern

The pattern is in US terms.

Chain 200.

1st row:  ch1, sc in second chain from the hook, dc in next stitch, repeat the alternating sc and dc sts, to the end, ch1 and turn;

2nd row:  continue alternating the sc and dc sts.  Always work a single crochet stitch into a double crochet stitch and a double crochet into a single crochet stitch.

Since I ended my first row with a dc, my second row starts with a sc, dc in next st (a sc in the first row), *alternate sc, dc to end, ch1 and turn.

If you've started with an even number of chains, your work will always end with a dc and start the next row with a sc. An uneven number of stitches will result in one row beginning with a sc and the next row with dc.

Continue in this 2-row pattern until your work is the required length. 

Do not bind off your yarn on the last stitch.

FInishing your blanket

It is your choice if you want to add a border.

If you want to add the same border, I loved this lovely triangular pattern by Nana's Crafty Home.

Assuming your last stitch for the blanket was with the right side facing, on the top left:

  • with the main color (or contrasting color if you like), sc in each stitch (or stitch opening) of your first 'long' side;
  • proceed with the border pattern (below).

Border pattern

1st Row of Patterned Border:  At the end of your last single crochet, ch3 (1st st), dc in each st across, ch1, turn.

2nd Row:  sc in first st,

*skip next st,

[dc, ch1, dc] in next st,

skip next st,

sc in next st,

skip next st,

[dc, ch3, dc1] in next st,

skip next st,

sc in next st*,

repeat this sequence to your last 4 sts,

skip next st,

[dc, ch1, dc] in next st

skip next st,

sc1 in last st.  

Ch1 and turn. 

3rd Row:  sc1 in first st, sc2 in ch1-space of previous row, 

*dc5, picot (ch 3, sl st in first ch)(play around with either 3 or 4 chains for your picot), dc5 in next ch3 space, 

sc in next ch1-space*

repeat between ** to last ch-3 space, 

dc5, picot, dc5

ch2 in last ch1-space, 

sc in last st.

Finishing rest of your 5 shades of grey crochet blanket

Continue with sc in each st or st-opening along the 2nd 'long' side;

Repeat Rows 1-3 of the border pattern.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

I created 24 triangles per side and added tassels to every second one.

Again, if you like to have more tassels or even pom-poms, add it...it's your creation after all.

making the tassels

Determine the lenght of the tassels first.

For each tassels you will need:

  • Cardboard for winding, double the length of your desired tassels, i.e 2 x 4" + an extra half inch or inch,
  • Enough yarn for tassels: lenght of tassels x amount of wraps (I wrapped 20 times),
  • 2 x extra lenghts for the top and wrap sections,


  • Wrap around your cardboard about 20 times, or until you are happy with the thickness;
  • Don’t pull too tightly as this will make your tassel shorter than you want,
  • Both sides of the yarn determines the thickness of your tassel,
  • Cut open the yarn at the bottom of the cardboard,
  • Cut a piece of yarn around 15" (38cm) in length. Double it over and wrap and knot around the yarn at the top of your tassel (the folded middle section),
  • Cut another piece of yarn, the same lenght or a bit shorter and wrap around approximately 1" from the top of your tassel,
  • Wrap the balance of the yarn around a few times and tie a knot,
  • Pull the ends of the yarn through the knot to tidy it up,
  • Trim your tassel and sew to the triangles with your embroidery needle.

For a basic tutorial how to make tassels, watch this video;


I'm hoping that you enjoy crocheting this blanket as much as I did.

This relaxing and easy crochet stitch pattern does not require any counting or real concentrating. Whenever you lose track of where you are with the pattern, it is so easy to notice what to do next.

Enjoy and Happy Crocheting!

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