How to Add Old-World Charm with this Easy Crochet Hanger Cover

Try the easy crochet hanger cover in this post and say goodbye to clothes forever slipping off the hanger!

Covered hangers are not only beautiful, it’s functional as well. It adds a old-world charm and a bit of shabby chic to your wardrobe.

Why not?

I used a cotton yarn but with a delicate yarn, you can achieve an even more feminine look.

Make yourself a couple of these, or start now and have some early Christmas gifts ready!

The pattern is really not difficult and once you grasped the Crazy Stitch pattern (featured in this post), you are good to go!

Easy Crochet Hanger Cover How to Add Old World Charm with this Easy Crochet Hanger Cover



  • For the cover I used Elle Cotton On, Double Knit, as it is easy to use, has a soft texture but without adding too much bulk. 
  • The contrasting color is Elle Premier Natural Cotton, double knit.
  • I worked with a G-6 or 4mm hook. 
  • A wooden crescent shaped hanger approximately 16 inches/ 42cm.


Measure the circumference of your hanger and add an extra couple of inches for an easy fit.

Ensure that you stitches are in multiples of 4 + 1(for the Crazy Stitch).

I chained 13 stitches to start with my easy crochet hanger cover and continued in Crazy stitch until my work was long enough to cover the hanger.

Just to be clear – I chained 13 and chained one – according to the pattern.  As per the image below, I made 3 pattern stitches and a sc in the last chain.

Easy Crochet Hanger Cover step by step hanger gifts handmade crochet How to Add Old World Charm with this Easy Crochet Hanger Cover

Find the central point of your piece of work – from top to bottom and from one side to the other.

Slip your crochet hanger cover through your work and ensure that it fits nicely around the edges.

Take your cast on yarn (if enough) or join yarn and use single crochet stitches to join the sides together.

If you are going to be working a border around the bottom edge, turn your work around and add the border.

Cover the hook in slip stitches – work from the bottom, securing the yarn to your work.  Dot a bit of glue to the end to ensure that it will not unravel.

Finish the easy crochet hanger cover off with a two-toned crochet flower.


ch – chain

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

sk – skip

sp – space

st – stitch

WORKING THE PATTERN for your crochet hanger covers

Row 1 – Ch1, Sc 1 in first ch, Ch 3 + 3 dc’s in same stitch, sk 3 stitches, *Sc 1, Ch 3 + 3 dc’s in same st, sk 3 stitches* to end, sc in last ch,  Ch 3, Turn

Row 2 – Sc 1 in Ch3 of previous row. Ch 3 and 3 dc in same chain- *Sc 1, Ch 3 + 3 dc’s in same st, sk 3 stitches* to end, sc in last st, Ch 3, Turn

From the second row on, you will not really skip 3 stitches – the 3 dc’s of the previous row will in fact lie diagonally below your ‘new 3 dc’s’


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  1. These would make wonderful hostess gifts!! Who doesn’t need a beautiful, padded hangar???

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