15 Sites that offer Free Crochet patterns

To add to your inspiration, I am sharing 15+ sites that offer free crochet patterns.  Scroll down to get a list of 10 Facebook groups and pages welcoming you into the wonderful community of crocheters!

The free crochet patterns shared in this post cover almost all crocheting projects you can think of.

Another bonus is that the patterns are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced crocheters.


where to find free crochet patterns 15 Sites that offer Free Crochet patterns



love crochet

Love Crochet is a marketplace for crochet pattern designers, bloggers and other creatives to sell their patterns.

Having said that, there are also very generous ladies who offer some of their patterns for free.

You will definitely not be dissapointed – the patterns are a great collection and you’ll sure to find something there.




If I remember her story correctly, Meg’s grandma taught her how to crochet. (Note to self – teach your darlings skills, they’ll end up thanking you for it one day!)

Today, she is not only making a living with her crochet, but she turned into a crochet pattern designer!

Meg’s patterns are different – it’s modern, quirky and wearable, usable, lovable…ok, I love her stuff.




Quick and Easy but exceptional blankets are this Mom and daughter teams forte.  They do share other crochet stuff too, and it is well worth exploring.

You’ll be HOOKED the minute you land on their site!

Often we can do a lot of things, but still, feel that our finished items lack a bit of finesse. By following the color combinations and finishing touches the Daisy Farm Crafts-way, the compliments will soon be rolling in.




A lovely lady, Claire, lives in Ireland and she’s blogging her way into our hearts.  

She offers free crochet patterns that are so ridiculously pretty that you want to make everything she posts.

Heart Handmade UK is my go-to place for inspiration and you will not be dissapointed.




Lisa offers a wide variety of free patterns for baby, the home and wearables.

If you have a young daughter who wants to learn how to crochet, she offers a bootcamp as well.

Hop on over to Stitch in Progress for some real crochet inspiration.




Tammy of Posh Patterns is a crochet and knitwear designer and though she sells her patterns, she offers quite a lot for free.

If you’re looking for free scarf and hat patterns, you are sure to find some on her blog.




Ravelry is a pattern vault for knitters and crocheters with paid and free options.

Register as a new user and after you have verified your account, click on the ‘Patterns’ tab.

Type ‘free crochet patterns’ into the search bar and see how 209 Pages of free crochet patterns pop up.




“You can view hundreds of free crochet patterns and crochet craft projects on Favecrafts.

Learn to crochet with a beginner’s guide to crochet with how to videos for every crochet stitch.

Find quick and easy crochet patterns for beginners, and learn from the experienced.”

Subscribe to the newsletter to receive regular emails with the latest patterns on their site.



All free crochet

All Free Crochet is everything crochet in one place!  

  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Check their “Pattern of the Day” calendar
  • Learn to crochet in the Tutorials section or
  • Head to their online store.  

Video tutorials availables!  It’s a Crochet Paradise.



Top Crochet Patterns

Register to Top Crochet Patterns and download lots of very modern patterns. 

This is just one of those sites where you love everything.  

The layout is eye-catching, the finished items are bright and beautiful, I can not get enough of what they offer!



The Stitchin Mommy

The Stitchin Mommys name is Amy, and she offers lots of free patterns from baby blankets and toys to beach bag patterns.

Her Bunny Lovey has been shared 118k times on Pinterest! 




There is really a lot of crochet patterns and stitch tutorials available on this blog. 

Have fun exploring MJS!


Lion Brand

Lion Brand offers crochet and knit patterns in different categories on their website. 

I have visited this site for years now and I especially love their throw and baby patterns.



ABC Knitting Patterns (and Crochet)

In their own words:  “This website is dedicated to the art of knitting and crochet. On our pages, you will find knitting and crochet patterns — all of them absolutely free. We also have free knitting lessons and tutorials, as well as pictures of finished works and project ideas.”

You can even share your knitting or crochet patterns with them  go ahead, join today.



Happy in Red

The Dutch blogger at Happy in Red offers colour picture tutorials with all her free patterns.

You will enjoy her site and as an added bonus, check out her sewing patterns while you are there.

Her patterns are free for personal use only.



Classic Elite Yarns

Classic Elite Yarns are currently offering more than 500 free patterns.

That is a lot!

Have fun creating as many items as you have time for in your lifetime.



Snappy Tots

Heidi at Snappy Tots offers picture tutorials of her crochet projects.

If you are already signed up for Ravelry, her patterns can be stored directly to your account.



Free Vintage Crochet

The pictures on this site remind me of my mum’s many pattern books, with black and white photo’s of very formal ladies.

You will find lots of family favourites here and the real trick will be to ‘modernise’ the patterns a bit!



winding road Crochet

My first impression of this site is that it belongs to a very happy person.

Lindsay tells that her grandma taught her how to sew and crochet (note to self, to do the same).

Her images are colorful and she offers a wide spread of different crochet articles plus tutorials.  Click through to Winding Road Crochet.



on yarnie


Today I signed up to onyarnie.com and received a Fair Isle beanie knitting patterns, a slouchy sweater crochet pattern and an elegant scrunchie sewing pattern!  And the best of it all – totally free! 

Is there a catch?

Nope, it is simply a mailing list, to received free patterns every second week.

Who can resist it? 

I’m sorry, I am a pattern hoarder and I love looking at different ideas, angles and inspiration.

Sign up:  onyarnie.com



EASy crochet

Krista is the face of Easy Crochet, a fun-loving mom of three with loads of free patterns available on her blog.

She offers an introduction to crocheting as well as other crochet techniques.  Her patterns are nicely sorted between beginner, intermediate and advanced crocheters, which makes finding something for your specific skill so much easier.

​You’ll definitely find something to crochet here.

Browse the site here:  easycrochet




Find More Inspiration

Join Facebook groups and pages.  It is a wonderful source of patterns and advice!



1.  Crochet Addicted

2.  Whistle and Ivy Crochet Club

3.  Free Crochet Patterns

4.  Crochet Crazy

5.  The Crochet Crowd

6.  Crochet

7.  Crochet Beginners Group

8.  Crochet Uncensored

9.  Crochet Afghans Only

10. Crochet Mammy – Free Patterns


Modern Crocheting

Crochet is definitely not a creative outlet for eldery women only, but even young boys are showing off their skills on Instagram!

Students exchange homemade gifts and millennials support arts and craft fairs with their well-deserved earnings!

Crochet is here to stay and I just love that “COUNTING FEELING!”.

Happy Crocheting!


Your turn:

Please e-mail me if you like and use the patterns on a site that is not included in the list – I’d love to have a very inclusive library available for you.

Until next time, happy crafting.

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