Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

Are you wondering why I am sharing Crochet Patterns to make for Baby Boys and Toddlers…what about Baby Girls and Toddlers?

I can’t believe that I have not shared more about my life as a grandma with you……knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering, and cuddling grandma! Dare I say more…I’ll keep you busy all day.

Anyhow….because I had three girls, making girly stuff has always come naturally for me.  

But since I have 2 grandsons (the most gorgeous little hunks on the planet) each time I come across a ‘Boyish’ crochet pattern on Pinterest, I save it.  And… Why keep it to me? 

Trust me, there is plenty of Boyish stuff around…. the more I see, the more I want to make…. what about you? (Some of us might have to live a bit longer to finish all of our little adventures?!?)

Without further ado…here are the…



Best Crochet Patters to make for little boys 3 Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers


Little boys have fantasies too…spoil them with one of their favorite characters from a movie or story or add to their imaginary world with a special make.


It must have something to do with survival, but little boys instinctively know that they are protectors.

So, they fight, shoot, and always want to be the heroes! And there is nothing wrong with that.




Make your little boy, the King of his own castle with the pattern designed by Mieks.  Add canons and knights with horses for hours of imaginary play. The pattern includes a man and a horse.

Image of the castle in the top left of the main post image above.



SHIPS and Sea creatures

Who has not hosted a Pirate party?  Sometimes ‘boys’ turn 21 years old and then insist on a Pirate party.  Yes, I know such a man…

And sharks and funny-looking sea animals are what tickle boys’ fancy.

We love to make what they want. If boys are into the wild waters, here are some ideas:



dragon ship

Susan Lowman created a Dragon ship to crochet and the pattern is available for free on Ravelry.

In Susan’s own words: “This ship isn’t hard to make, but it’s time-consuming with all the parts. The crochet skills involved are basic, with most of the pieces using only sc sts… There is one challenging part: the head (at least it was a “challenge” to design!!!). This dragon ship is only for those with enough patience to stick to it!

Apart from effort – just think of the little face when you present this ship to him…

Image of the dragon ship in the bottom left of the main post image above.




Shark Pouf Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers
Shark Pillow Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

The shark pouf/pouffe is something different to make for a boys’ room and is functional.

You can buy the crochet shark pouf pattern here.

Image of Shark pouffe above left (main post image).

This very scary-looking Shark pillow is so well-designed.  It is on my to-do list, in fact, I purchased the yarn already.

It does not look overly complicated and will be a hit!

And best of all, the crochet pattern is free.

Well done Jullian and thank you for this beautiful handmade gift pattern.

    Some of the links are affiliates and I will be compensated if you make a purchase because of my referral. It will not cost you more.  For more details about this – read my Disclosure Policy.





    What are little boys made of… DRAGONS and DINOSAURS!

    red dragon by mjs off the hook on etsy Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers
    Toothless dragon Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

    The red dragon by Michelle of MJ’s Off the Hook is a force to be reckoned with. Crochet the dragon will take some time and effort, but you will be so proud of your accomplishment.

    Talking about dragons and Toothless – Krawka on Etsy offers the most amazing crochet patterns and this little sweetheart dragon is no exception.

    She really did an excellent job and I love this pattern.

    For more animated favorites, check out her page here.


     another life-size dragon

      Crochet a life-size dragon, as a seat or creature to take your little boy to his own world.

      Nothing of the detail was compromised and it is a lovely crochet project.

      Get Kiefer the Forest Dragon here.

      Image of the dragon above left (first collage image at top of post).


      More dragon crochet patterns



      Let me tell you, I can hardly pronounce the names of some of the dinosaurs, but my grandson knows them all!

      What is it about dinosaurs that fascinate boys so much?

      Here is a list of amazing crochet dinosaur patterns:


      Megan on Ravelry

      Megan Kreiner offers a free Zoo playmat pattern in her Ravelry shop.

      Your little one can play with his own animals or you can always purchase Megan’s Crochet a Zoo book on Amazon.  The book includes 16 playful patterns from lions to baboons.  Oh my…you should see the cute penguins!

      The complete Zoo will make a lovely keepsake and very appropriate Baby Shower gift.

      Free crochet playmat pattern from Crochet a Zoo medium Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers
      Farm playmat Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

      A farm playmat with barn and animals alike will guarantee lots of play!

      The drawstring makes for easy tidying up! 

      You can subscribe to Lion Brand and download any of their free patterns.



      plants & zombies

      Here is a newer bunch of favorites that you may not know of yet – the story is called Plant vs Zombies.  And need I tell you that littles boys are loving it! They play the game, watch the stories and are almost obsessed.

      Chomper is my grandson’s favorite and I wonder how he will react to such a thoughful present?

      The rest of the Plant vs Zombie’s team, can be found on this page.




      The amigurumi handyman tool set is so cute! It is a set of 3 tools and is available on Elisas Crochet on Etsy.

      A perfect baby shower gift if you ask me!

      Elisas Crochet on Etsy Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

      Image property of Elisa’s Crochet on Etsy


      For more Crochet and Knit toys – check out my Pinterest Board

      Amanda at Easy on the Tongue | Crochet & Knit | Machine Emb & DIY Crochet & Knitting – Toys


      I love making stuff for my grandchildren – and you? (your kids or a friends?)

      My wish is that you will find the patterns to be inspiring and that you have found just what you where looking for.

      Happy crocheting!


      Crochet toys for boys dragons sharks and animated characters. More on  Best Crochet Patterns to Make for Baby Boys and Toddlers

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