Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Let me guess, you promised yourself you'll start making Christmas gifts earlier this year, and now, you only have 52 (or less) days left? If crochet or knitting is your thing, don't despair, the Crochet & Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas I'm about to share with you, won't take that long, and you'll have enough time to make loads of it!

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crochet knit christmas gift ideas crochetgiftideas knitgiftideas Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

crochet and knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Crochet Photo Frames

crocheted frames Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Image property of W24

One of my favorite local magazines is called IDEAS.  Even with all the millions of ideas and images on Pinterest and Instagram, I am always excited to see a new edition on the shelves.

Their crocheted frames are gorgeous.  I managed to make the set of 4 for my daughter when she went to University and it looked amazing in her flat!

You can grab their free pattern here:  Crocheted Frames

Dab some glue at the back and add a little magnet to it - that way it makes a nice photo frame to put on the freezer.

knit cactii Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Image property of In the Loop Knitting 

Make flowers that don't need watering and that will last a life-time as a gift to someone who spends loads on pot plants!

Don't tell her it is a pincushion - rather tell her that she can use it for that too...otherwise it will end up buried under fabric or yarn. 

The cacti are knit in the round but that shouldn't scare you, please try it, you'll be amazed how easy it is.

The link to the downloadable free pattern is here - 3 Knit Cacti.

crochet coasters pin 2 Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Image property of Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

Laura of Little Yellow Wheelbarrow is one of the most talented woman I have ever 'met'.  Whatever she makes, is just so thoughtful, so perfect in the choice of color and yarn.

She confesses to be a crochet-newbie but these lovely coasters look like the perfect craft show find!

Definitely something to make for family or friends this Christmas.

You will find the pattern and instructions (and more gorgeous stuff) here - crochet coasters.

minnie mouse crochet christmas ornament ig Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Ornaments make special and thoughtful presents. It is definitely something that you can unpack each year which will remind you of the person who gave it to you.

The Minnie Mouse Christmas Ornament is super easy and quick to make.  

On top of that you can change the character to anything - because you have the basic pattern.

Another plan you can make with it, is to add a half circle (body) to the back, which will turn your ornament into a gift voucher pouch.  Nifty!

The free pattern can be viewed here - Minnie Mouse Crochet Christmas Ornament  

Ho HO HO MERLOT bottle boot

ho ho merlot bottle boot free crochet pattern Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes I am just amazed at what people can create and this booty is no exception!

A bottle of wine is a good present, but in this instance, presentation wins.

I'm a fan!

I need to create handmade presents for my Cake Club friends, and this idea is at the top of my list!


Christmas Crochet the Christmas Santa Hats make a colorful bunting to add warmth and excitement to your home. Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Tahryn, the blogger at Burgundy and Blush completed 4 different crochet garland posts.

Trust me that her patterns are very quick and easy as she included photo tutorials as well.  You can not go wrong with the explanations.

The garlands or buntings will add extra color to your decor but can also be used around gifts, on the tree or on the mantlepiece.

More crochet & knitting Christmas gift ideas 

Crochet Phone Case

crochet phone cover Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Image property of Heart Handmade.

The lovely Claire of Heart Handmade's creations are pure eye-candy.  

She featured the item as an crochet iphone case, but I'm sure it will work as a tissue-holder too.

Again, a project that a beginner crocheter can master.  

The free pattern and instructions can be viewed here - crochet iphone cover

crochet elfs hat Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

The pattern for the elf's hat is a paid pattern but it is so gorgeous, I wouldn't mind spending that money.

"This really is an adorable fun and festive hat and the peaks on the brim bend forward because it looks cuter that way. The pattern is written for 4 sizes from 6 months all the way to adult and is well suited to an intermediate beginner."

If you want to make it - you can do it!

You can purchase the pattern here - Elf's Hat 

christmas knit wreath Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

Image property of Makneta

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life, are the simplest to make!

This knitted wreath has an ambience - it is classy, easy to make and looks 'WOW' on any Christmas tree.

Last year, I gifted each of my friends with one, and they loved it.

The pattern is free and you can find it here - Knitted Christmas Wreath.

Easy Crochet Hanger Cover FB Crochet and Knitting Christmas Gift Ideas

There is more to a covered hanger than just something with a lovely flower stuck on it!

It is useful piece of equipment in your cupboard.

Let me explain, the older one gets, one of the wiser changes that take place, is more non-crease garments in the closet. Yes, believe it or not, if it can't be steamed, it is not welcome!

There is just one downfall to the wisdom, and that is that these type of clothing tend to slide from the hanger.  

Hence, lovely covered hangers!

If you have a gran / nan / aunt or mom you want to spoil - give her covered hangers...and soon it will be smelling like 4711!

Liked the ideas?

In other plan on making one or more of the items listed in this post, I am so glad to have been of any help.

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