Quick and Easy Crochet Stitches – How to crochet Granny stripe Stitch

The story almost always starts with, my gran (or aunt or Mom) teaching me how to crochet granny stitch

or the granny square…

My maternal grandmother died before I was born. I am told that she was a creative soul. All I have as a reminder of this grotesque lady is a granny square bag she made. It is preciously framed.

Mom, for instance, is a knitter but she taught me the basics of crocheting when I was still very young.

What did she teach me?

The granny square.

But today, we’ll get the granny stitch, also known as granny stripe, straight granny or even the flat granny stitch under the belt.


how to crochet granny stitch 2 Quick and Easy Crochet Stitches – How to crochet Granny stripe Stitch




QUICK AND EASY CROCHET stitches – how to crochet granny stitch in flat rows

Granny stitch or straight granny stitch is a basic crochet stitch. It is made up of 3-dc clusters, a chain (or 2), and another 3-dc cluster.  Dc in US terms or TR in UK terms.

To explain it in words – it is how to crochet the granny stitch in flat rows.

For projects using traditional granny squares, check out these previous posts on the blog:


Hook size:  Match the hook size according to your yarn.

Yarn:          Any type of yarn suitable for your project.

Tapestry Needle: to weave in the loose ends.

*You may want to complete your crochet project in a single color, but you can also add a new color to every row (to work up all your scraps of yarn), or whenever you feel it is necessary for a color change.

A great way to use up all your yarn scraps is to create a multicolored crochet blanket in granny stitch!


how to crochet granny stitch 3 Quick and Easy Crochet Stitches – How to crochet Granny stripe Stitch


ch –       chain

ch-sp – chain space

dc –       double crochet (in UK = treble (tr))

rep –     repeat

sl st –    slip stitch

sp –       space

st  –       stitch

yo  –      yarn over

For more US // UK conversions, read this article here.


  • The Granny Stitch is one of the basic crochet stitches.
  • A double crochet cluster is 3 double crochet stitches in the same stitch. (In UK terms that would be 3 treble crochet stitches).
  • If you are using worsted yarn, you may want to skip 2 sts after each cluster, in that case, ch2 as well. If you use thinner yarn, sk1 st and ch1 st (as per the pattern) may work out nicely.
  • There are different ways to crochet this stitch – some crochet patterns start with multiples of 4 + 6 and some with 3 + 2 or 3 + 1.
  • It may sound confusing, but you will either start with 1 or 2dc’s and proceed with the dc clusters and end with either one or 2 dc stitches.


How many chain stitches do you need for your crochet project in the flat granny stitch?

It will always depend on your yarn, the size of your hook and the project you are about to attempt.

But, as an indication, you can work on the following measurements:

  • For a toddler or kid scarf, you can chain between 30-36 stitches;
  • A granny stitch blanket, on the other hand, could require anything between 150-300 chains;
  • To complete a blanket in worsted weight yarn, you will require a size 6 hook and 122 chains (the approximate measurement of your blanket will be 47″ x 34″).


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start with a slip knot

 the slip knot

Firstly:    Pull approximately 15 inches of yarn and wrap it around your finger twice, winding it toward your body.

Secondly:    Insert the hook under the first strand and over the second strand.

Thirdly: Pull the yarn through, just like you would when working a YO (yarn over) and twist the hook so it’s pointing upward.

Fourthly:  The body of your work comprises a 3dc cluster (3 double crochet stitch clusters), followed by a ch1 (or ch2) (chain 1 or 2) and sk 1 or sk2 (skip one or skip two stitches).

But – in order to keep your edges straight, you’ll have to either add another dc or 2dcs as your last stitch of the row.   



how to crochet granny stitch (granny stripe or straight granny stitch) – the free pattern

 Written pattern instructions

The pattern is written using US terms.

To calculate the multiples: 2 chain stitches before your cluster plus one chain for the cluster and 2 chains for the chains to be skipped = 4 (multiples of 4).

Remember, do your swatch, and decide:

  • To turn your crochet project when using double crochet stitches, the recommendation to obtain the height is to chain 3.
  • However, it depends on your tension. Sometimes 2 chains may be enough, and 3 chains will be sloppy. When working the clusters in the spaces, the stitches are shorter, than normal double crochet stitches.
  • Also, if you use a finer yarn (even dk) and you skip one chain, the clusters will still be spaced comfortably.
  • But, with thicker yarn, you may want to skip 2 chains.

1st Row:  Work as many chains as necessary for your project + 2 extra chains to turn.

2nd Row:  dc into 2nd ch from the hook, dc into next ch, *ch1, sk 2 chains, 3 dc into next chain*, rep from * to end, turn (my swatch ended with 2dcs).

3rd Row:  ch2, *3dcs into next ch-sp, ch1*, rep from * to end, dc into last dc, turn (I ended with a dc in my turning chain).

4th Row:  ch2, 2dcs into ch-sp, *ch1, dc3 into next ch-sp*, rep from * to end, turn (again I made a last dc in the turning ch, to keep my work straight as well).

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until your work is the desired size.

Fasten off.



questions & answers re the granny stitch



No, you don’t. Magic rings are used when you crochet something in the round or to create a shape like a square.


           Absolutely yes.


It is a great stitch for blankets, but the projects using the straight granny stitch are plenty:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • Cardigans, cover-ups or sweaters
  • Baby bibs
  • Neck warmers, cowls and scarves
  • Boot cuffs
  • Almost anything!

Perhaps you know someone who may want to learn how to crochet the granny stitch?  Please share with her (or him) and on one of your social media accounts!

In Conclusion

The granny stitch is an easy and relaxing crochet stitch pattern. It can be mastered easily as it is a repetition of the same stitch.

The big plus is that the straight granny is popular and always lovely.

Please remember to share this post!


how to crochet granny stitch 2 1 1 Quick and Easy Crochet Stitches – How to crochet Granny stripe Stitch


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