Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

In this post, I have listed a selection of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas for grandkids!

This gran loves spoiling her precious little ones, and a few homemade gifts for children is such a great way to leave a legacy. Not only does it give you the opportunity to surprise family members with your crafting skills but also inspire kids of all ages to be creative.

DIY gifts are not just something whipped up on a whim – it takes planning, time, and effort. I am hoping that you will be inspired by my selection this holiday season and that you will have so much fun crafting handmade gifts.

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10 DIY Gifts IDeas for Kids more inspiration on  Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

best diy Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids

Let’s explore the homemade gift ideas to make for children this Christmas (or for any special occasion).

Never limit yourself to a picture, don’t look at it and think I cannot do this – think I don’t know what I am doing, but I am going to nail this one!  

To make it easier for you, the posts are categorized into the following:

  • DIY / Crafts
  • Paper / Printable
  • Crochet
  • Knit
  • Sewing & Embroidery

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Whenever I see the image of the homemade slime by Amy at Loving Locurto, I imagine pressing my fingers into it.

It looks lovely and it is such an easy project, it can also be kid-made gifts, allowing them to choose their own colors, glitter and even animals?!

Make the slime, put it in a glass jar and add some Christmas decorations.

free printable santa gift card holder

Free Printable Christmas Gift Card Holder by Living Locurto.

It’s perfect for last-minute gifts for kids or a surprise from Santa

and for boys who would rather buy another game instead of a shirt or something.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Card Holder Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

MOM & ME GIFT box ideas  

personalized gifts for kids who have everything Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

What a neat idea to be intentional at spending more time with your kid/s. Britni at Play Party Plan explains how to put together a monthly Mom and Me gift box.

She provides a 12-month plan to make it even easier for you.

This gift idea will cost you time, something we all have the same of. Use it wisely.

Matchbox printable dollhouse with paperdoll & Accessories

Matchbox Dollhouse on Etsy Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Ever After Miniatures

Can you recall the fun you had playing with paper dolls when you were little?  

This miniature dollhouse with paper dolls is a wonderful gift to make and I am sure your little girl will adore this present.  

GIFT IDEAS to crochet this christmas

Astronaut Millie with a capsule

Crochet an astronaut with his capsule for any little boy close to your heart.

What a lovely crochet design that will provide hours of imaginary play in space!

Start early enough and just make it.

Astronaut Millie Crochet Pattern Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Pink Mouse Boutique on Etsy


Crochet little friends in hatching bags by Tanaticrochet on Etsy Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Tanati Crochet

We all know that younger children cannot resist a bag or soft toy. It is just one of those mysteries of life.

The e-book by Tatiana contains 19 different patterns, each with a different animal and hatching bag.

Any of these creatures will be the perfect gift for both boys and girls.

Browse in Tatiana’s Etsy Shop if you want a single pattern.

knit gift ideas for little ones

knit the adorable bear couple like a pro!

The Best Bear Knitting Pattern to make as gifts Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

I made Candy and Romeo for my eldest grandchildren, now 9 years. The pair look surprisingly good after all the cuddles and swings they had to endure. This is an endearing and inexpensive gift to make for your grandchildren.

The pattern is from Mary Jane’s Tearoom on Etsy.

Mary’s detailed instructions are easy and thorough. You won’t believe you made it!



A reading pillow is such a simple sewing project, and you can get all the ins and outs of how to create it, in this post.

I machine embroidered Spiderman onto vinyl to add a bit of dimension and this functional and fun gift is still on my grandson’s bed.

Don’t shy away from this DIY project if you don’t have an embroidery machine. Applique a name or hand embroider a design instead!

How to make Reading Pillows Inspiration Tips Links more at  Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

mini quiet book pattern

Mini Quiet Book Pattern for Boat quietbook minipages freepattern crafts kidscrafts handmadebook Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Quiet books are also called sensory or activity books – it truly is a fun activity!

Play and learn has never been easier.

The mini quiet book is a great stocking stuffer, and the free pattern is available on the blog – you can get all the details and the tutorial here.

DOLL’s house quiet book pattern

The instinct to be a mother is amazing. Look at a little girl, how she cuddles and cares for her dolls.

Now imagine her playing hours on end in her small world with the precious doll’s house designed by Rebecca Paige.

The pattern includes a bedroom and living room, a tent, campfire and swimming hole, three animal doll options, plus extra rooms for the house. Plus add-ons.

Rebecca Paige Dolls House Quiet Book Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Rebecca Paige

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  I will earn a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. 

girly (personalized) pillowcase

How to sew a pillowcase with Kate from the Homemakery click through for full tutorial1 Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Heart Handmade UK

Another thoughtful gift is an embroidered or appliqued pillowcase.

  • Dust off your sewing machine and head over to this post by Heart Handmade for an easy tutorial on how to sew a pillowcase.
  • Embroider or applique your grandkids’ name onto it and send this darling pillowcase to the creche. What a wonderful way for your little one to see his/her name and to learn to recognize it. 
  • When you embroider or applique the name on the pillowcase, ensure that it is close to the side, so it won’t scratch soft cheeks! 
  • With a cutting machine, like a Silhouette or Cricut, you can cut names out, iron the letters onto the fabric and secure it with hand stitches.
  • Crochet or knit a border and hand stitch it to the pillowcase. 

wrap dress pattern for fairies

Infinity dress for girl Meraki Mother 0096 1 Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image courtesy of Meraki Mother

Just imagine your little darling turning and turning whilst watching the flow of her dress.

I can almost imagine the feel of the fabric against my skin – feminine, soft and fairy tale-like.

Thass of Meraki Mother made this infinite dress for her daughter and judged by the smile on her face, she was chuffed!

The secret to a great holiday gift is the happiness it brings. The best part is a smile after opening your present.

easy doll sleeping bag

pink sleeping bag tut by connie kresin Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image courtesy of Connie Kresin.

Don’t you think this is too adorable?

Let me let you in on a little secret – I can sew, but it is not my preferred craft. I’d rather embroider, knit, or crochet something. But if I do get messy in my craft room, it is like a total explosion of ideas. Then I enjoy sewing.

As I was scrolling down this post, some magic started happening. I felt confident making this sweet sleeping bag. 

Do you have someone in mind who’ll adore this gift? Hop over to Connie Kresin’s blog and check out her tutorial.

crayon roll-up caddy

Final Art Rollup by sew very crafty Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

Image property of Sew Very Crafty

The talented Diana at Sew Very Crafty created this crayon roll-up.

This fun idea is quick and easy, and the addition of the zippered pouch makes it very versatile.

Think art supplies, school pens, small toy cars and Barbie trinkets (with a few adjustments!).

An incredibly unique Christmas gift idea for a child of any age.


My hope is that you’re armed (or stocked) with great gift ideas to make something lasting for your grandchildren that will add hours of pretend play and lots of fun.

Remember to take family photos by the Christmas tree and may it be the best gifts your grandkids ever received! 

more homemade CHRISTMAS gifts ideAs to make for your grandchildren

Here are some of my Pinterest boards full of inspiration to make:

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best diy christmas gift ideas for grandkids Christmas Xmas giftsforkids handmadegifts Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandkids – Make now

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