Welcome to the Resources list of Easy on the Tongue.  Listed here are all the products I used and still use to build and maintain my blog.  

All of the products are personally recommended.

Some of the products have affiliate links, which may result in me earning a small commission if you happen to make your purchase through my link.  If you do, thank you so much for the support.   A full Disclosure can be viewed here.



Easy on the Tongue is hosted on Bluehost and I have never had an unresolved issue.  Getting started was easy and I managed on my own with their one-click Wordpress Blog installation.

Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee and with a motto "Try us and love us or get a refund any time", you can not go wrong.

Start your website today! (Specials may apply - this Bluehost link will take you to their best option available!)

Web hosting starts at $3.95 if you purchase a 3 year service.

Angie Makes

Angie Makes offers feminine Wordpress themes and have video tutorials available to walk you through most of the changes you may want to make on your site.

Again, Easy on the Tongue's first theme was  The Lucy Lou theme by Angie Makes.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offers:

Thrive Themes - conversion focused Wordpress themes

*Thrive Content Builder - allowing you to create your own customized posts without any coding

*Thrive Landing Pages - with custom templates for different options

*Thrive Clever Widgets - edit widgets for certain pages, posts, tags or keywords

*Thrive Leads - providing pop-ups, ribbons, slide-ins - all customizable

*Thrive Leads - SmartLinks Feature - Get ready to take list building to the next level!

Thrive Ultimatum - the Scarcity marketing tool for Wordpress

*used by this site


Have you ever felt like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to your blog? Like no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get more readers or generate more income?

I totally get it. I felt exactly the same way!  It changed when I signed up for the Elite Blog Academy course.  I learned tons, gained so much more confidence and more importantly, I now have a plan.

Elite Blog Academy is closed until February 2018.  Get on the waiting list and in the meantime receive free training HERE.



The best grammar check/proofreader available.  

Make sure you have this app open whenever you are busy writing a new post.

Read my post on 'Feeling ashamed - use grammarly grammar checks' on how it helps me.


The complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses.

Schedule Pins - on desktop or mobile with app

Discover Content to repin

Monitor Pinterest and track best performing boards and pins

Measure Results with daily analytics

All in One Platform.

Post Planner makes it easy to FIND, PLAN and POST content that is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

The app helps you FIND

scientifically proven content

that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, and drives more traffic to your website from Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.


Photo editing tool with text, effects and overlays

Portrait retouching with Teeth Whitening, Wrinkle Remover and Airbrush

 Design from scrath and

Collage Maker

Available for Android and iOs


  • Photo editing tool with text, effects and overlays

Use custom dimensions

Create various images and documents

Save and edit functionality

Ore-designed templates

Available for Android and iOs



Design your own newsletter or campaigns with drag and drop designer

Automated mails

Target specific lists to market to

Advanced analytics 

Bobile friendly

Mobile app available

Integrations with hundreds of different tools and apps


Social Warfare

Attractive, mobile-ready share buttons

Add social media title and description in one place 

Create in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for people to share (Also known as a Click-to-Tweet)

Display rich, large image summary cards in your tweets with option to include "via @[username]" automatically

Display social share counts prominently (even Twitter tweet counts)

Add a custom widget that will display your most popular blog posts by the number of social shares it has received

And lots more