Make a Bunny from a Crochet Square

I cannot really claim to publish a free crochet bunny pattern because all you do is make a bunny from a crochet square.

This is not a pattern of a bunny but rather written instructions to have fun with not much yarn!

And that is it!

Easy peasy crochet project to start and finish the night before you have Easter hunt.

Crochet a square Bunny free pattern by  Make a Bunny from a Crochet Square



  • Yarn of your choice - I used double knitting weight/light or light worsted yarn
  • (I used white yarn for the body and pink yarn for outlining the ears)
  • Crochet Hook size for yarn choice - hook used for this project - 5mm, H/8 (US) 6(UK)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Bit of make-up for the cheeks and ears

Skill level: Beginner with basic crochet skills and knowledge of the basic stitches to sew your bunny up.


ch  – chain

sc  - single crochet

st   -  stitch  

sts  -  stitches


10cm or 4" = 16 sc over 16 rows.


  1. Ch1 at end of every row, does not count as a stitch.
  2. You can use any stitch pattern you like, just as long as you obtain a square.
  3. Create different sizes of the square pattern by using thinner and thicker needle-yarn combinations.
  4. The single crochet stitches used in the image above work as follows:
  • Chain the required number of chains.
  • Make a single crochet in the second chain.
  • Insert hook through the post of the first sc (2 loops on the hook) and insert it into the next ch (3 loops on the hook).
  • Yarn over and pull through all three loops.
  • Repeat this row to form your single crochet variation pattern.
  • Each first stitch will be a normal sc stitch.

A great way to create another variation is to alternate the rows with single crochet and sc variation.

See the video tutorial below - How to crochet a single crochet variation.

Crochet patterns shared in my online Shop - have a look.


The pattern is in US terms:

Chain 25 + 1.

1st row: Skip the first ch, sc in 2nd ch from the hook and in each st across, ch1 and turn.

2nd row: sc in 1st sc from the hook and proceed with sc variation stitch in all the sts to the end.

Repeat row until your work forms a square.

Leave a long tail to sew up your loose ends.

Crochet a Circle (optional)

I crocheted a circle to add as a bottom (to create a freestanding bunny).

Crochet the circle as follows:

  • Create a magic ring.
  • Make 8 sc's in the ring and close, ch1 and turn.
  • In second row make 2 sc's in each sc (18 sts), ch1 and turn.
  • Third row: *sc in first st of the row, 2sc's in next st*, repeate from * to end (24 sts).


STEP 1: Forming the head, bunny ears and body

  • Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn tail.
  • With the wrong side of the square facing you, determine the middle of the square and with your needle, work running stitches across the middle (from right to left)
  • It is best to cut your yarn (to make the cinching easier).
  • Then work towards the middle of the top of the square to form a triangle.
  • Place a ball of stuffing in the middle of the triangle.
  • Cinch the ends together to form the bunny's head and ears.
  • Stitch up the head and through to the back.
  • Stuff the body of the and sew the bottom closed.
  • If you add a circle to close the bottom, stitch it to the body of the bunny.
  • Weave in remaining ends.

STEP 2: Embroider a Bunny Face (optional)

  • Use embroidery floss, thread, or black yarn to add a cute bunny face.
  • I added whiskers and a nose.
  • Add some blusher to the cheeks and pink eyeshadow to the inner ear (for dimension).
  • For additional finishing, embroider the outer ear with pink yarn (or color of your choice).

STEP 3: Make a Pom Pom Tail

  • Finish your bunny with a pom pom for its tail.
  • I winded yarn around a fork to make a mini pom pom.

Crochet a Square Bunny free pattern on  Make a Bunny from a Crochet Square


CONGRATULATIONS, you finished the amazing pattern and crochet project!

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May you have a blessed easter time with your family!

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