Quick and Easy Winding Ribbon Crochet Christmas Tree

Today we are going to create a winding ribbon crochet Christmas tree.

A what?

Yes, the name is somewhat confusing but the image will explain it all! 

You may have seen similar images on Pinterest or the internet but for Macrame Christmas Trees.

The concept is the same (the winding part), the only difference is that the macrame trees are knotted and the crochet one's chained.

There are crochet ribbon Christmas trees around too, but the ribbon is crocheted slightly thicker.

Prepare yourself for a super quick and easy crochet project!

Crochet a winding ribbon Christmas tree ornament free pattern on easyonthetongue.com  Quick and Easy Winding Ribbon Crochet Christmas Tree



  • Yarn of your choice - I used worsted cotton (white tree) and Spaghetti T-shirt yarn
  • Hook size for your yarn choice - hook used for this project - 6mm,  J/10 (US) 4 (UK) or 8mm hook, which is an 11 or L for US crocheters
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Trinkets, wooden beads, stars, pom-poms or whatever you can use to hang your crochet project

Skill level:  Beginner with basic crochet skills

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I'm afraid, there is actually no need to explain the process...but nevertheless:

ch        - chain


Obviously the sizes will differ depending on your yarn, the amount of times you are winding and how wide you trees are.

For clarity and as a measurement for you:

White Christmas tree: measures 3.5″ (9cm)(top to the bottom by 2.5″ (4cm)(width);

Grey Christmas tree 1:  (with beads in-between) measures 3.5″ (9cm)(top to the bottom by 3″ (8cm)(width);

Grey Christmas tree 2:  measures 2″ (5.5cm)(top to the bottom by 2.5″ (7cm)(width).



The pattern is in US terms.

The pattern

Chain approximately 55cm or 21.5", leaving a long tail.

Again, this is just an estimation.  You can make it longer.

Winding of your christmas tree

On a flat surface start winding as follows:

  • You'll start at the bottom, folding the tree upwards;
  • A good start is about 8cm to 8.5cm or 3" to 3.5" (with the recommended length of chain);
  • Fold the end back approximately 8cm (3") and continue folding up, making each fold slightly shorter than the last; 
  • Tweak it here and there to have a Christmas tree shape.

You will note that my white tree is a bit stretched out because I have not started the bottom part wide enough.


Thread your needle through the long tail (at the top) and take it from the top down, through the centre of the first layers then through the next set of layers, etc.

Continue joining to the end and secure your yarn with a knot or a few stitches hidden between your layers.

Now, if you want to add beads or baubles, you'll be threading it after every set of layers (or as you wish).

Just remember that beads have only such a big opening and the thicker your yarn, the more trouble you'll have to thread it.

finishing your CHRISTMAS TREE

Make a hanging loop and attach to the top.

Add a bow, bell or tassle to your Christmas tree, hang it and enjoy it!

Winding Ribbon Crochet Christmas Tree Quick and Easy Winding Ribbon Crochet Christmas Tree


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm hoping that you are inspired and eager to make some Christmas trees.

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