Face Mask, Free Crochet Pattern + PDF

Stay safe is the new buzz word. And to do that, you also need a face mask. Use the free face mask crochet pattern in this post to make your own. 

You won't believe how easy the pattern is!

I can not take any credit for the pattern as it was designed by a happy crocheter, who shared it in a Facebook group.

And as a special thank you to all the generous ladies who are also going to be making masks for others, I provide the pdf free of charge.

Free Face Mask Crochet Pattern freecrochetpattern facemaskpattern facemask 1 Face Mask, Free Crochet Pattern + PDF

free face mask crochet pattern


  • Yarn of your choice - I used double knitting weight/light or light worsted Cotton 
  • Hook size for your yarn choice - hook used for this project - 4mm,  G/6 (US) 8 (UK)
  • Embroidery Needle

It is not recommended to use anything but cotton yarn for you mask.

Skill level:  Beginner with basic crochet skills

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ch        – chain

sc         - single crochet

st         - stitch

sts       - stitches


Finished face mask measures 8.5″ (21.5cm)(widest part) by 5.5″(14cm) (measured from under the eyes to under the mouth) - these are the measurements of the flat piece of the crochet mask.


Ch1 at every end of the row, does not count as a stitch;

You'll be crocheting the mask in steps (apart from the middle section).  See images below;

Line your face mask with pure cotton (and a filter) to provide proper protection,


wear it, over a paper or another surgical mask.

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pattern for the face mask crochet project

The pattern is in US terms.

The pattern:

Chain 35

1st row:  sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc into each ch to end, ch1, turn (34 sts);

2nd row:  sc in each of the next 30 sts, ch1, turn;

3rd row:  sc 26 sts, ch1, turn;

4th row:  sc 22 sts, ch1, turn;

5th row:  sc 18 sts, ch1, turn;

6th row:  sc 14 sts, ch1, turn;

7th row:  sc 10 sts, ch1, turn;

8th row: sc 22 sts (meaning you'll sc in the 10sts and then proceed to sc in each of the unworked sts in previous rows until you have completed 22 sc's) (try to have the work fairly tight as you don't want unwanted holes), ch1, turn;

9th row: sc 34 sts (as 8th row - in worked and unworked sts), ch1, turn;

10th - 14th rows: sc 34 sts, ch1, turn;

15th row: sc 30 sts, ch1, turn;

16th row: sc 26 sts, ch1, turn;

17th row: sc 22 sts, ch1, turn;

18th row: sc 18 sts, ch1, turn;

19th row: sc 14 sts, ch1, turn;

20th row: sc 10 sts, ch1, turn;

21st row: sc 22 sts (using the same method as the 8th row, working in unworked rows), ch1, turn;

22nd row:  sc 34 sts (as 8th row), ch1, turn;

23rd - 28th rows:  sc 34 sts, ch1, turn;


Creating the ties:

29th row:  ch 30 (tie) and attach at bottom of mask;

30th row:  sc 34 sts across cast on row;

31st row:   ch 30 (other tie) and attach at top of mask;

32nd row: sc 34 sts across top of mask.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Free Face Mask Crochet Pattern facemaskpattern freecrochetpattern facemask staysafe Face Mask, Free Crochet Pattern + PDF

The number of chains can be adjusted to fit a smaller of bigger person.

This pattern is small enough for an average woman and big enough for a tall man.

Adjust the size of your mask by adjusting your yarn and hook combination too.

Well done - you finished one Face Mask!

Now...I'm hoping you are so inspired to make some more.

Please share on one of your social media accounts with the #eottfacemask!

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