Crochet Easy and Striking Hanger Covers (Free Pattern)

Do you mind using a bare wooden hanger?  I suppose you’d prefer to cover old wooden coat hangers with the crochet coat hanger covers’ free pattern shared in this post.

It just protects your clothes more and it looks so…striking?!

Why not use the free crochet pattern and start crocheting gifts for the holiday season, for teachers and neighbors, and don’t forget your own family?

Crochet Hanger Covers Free Pattern 512x1024 Crochet Easy and Striking Hanger Covers (Free Pattern)

crochet hanger covers, free pattern

The hanger cover is crocheted in a single crochet stitch, which makes it suitable for beginners. To finish it off, use a contrasting color for the bobble fringe.  

Add a small rose and leaves for some old-world charm.

It is such an easy but rewarding handmade gift idea, you’ll receive lots of compliments for making such a thoughtful gift!

Favorite yarns to use for crochet hangers

It does not really matter which yarn you’re using if your choice of colors is smashing it!

A brilliant idea is to use leftover yarn as you won’t need a lot of yarn, making it a great stash buster.


  • For the cover, I used double-knit yarn, which I had available
  • The contrasting color is double-knit too – it can be a different yarn weight if it is all you have.
  • Crochet hook in size G-6 or 4mm hook. 
  • A wooden crescent-shaped hanger, approximately 16 inches/ 42cm.


You’ll need to know how to:

  • How to chain stitch
  • Crochet a single crochet
  • Making a double crochet
  • Joining with a slip stitch (sl st)
  • For the rose and leaves, you’ll be using half-double crochets too.


Measure the circumference of your hanger and add an extra couple of inches for a relaxed fit. Not too much though.


ch    – chain

dc    – double crochet

hdc  – half double crochet

sc    – single crochet

sk    – skip

sl st – slip stitch

sp   – space

st    – stitch

Crochet hanger covers, free pattern

US Terms

Written Instructions

1st Row 1 – Ch75 + 1, in the second chain from your hook, sc, and in every other chain, ch 1, turn.

2nd Row   – Sc 1 in each st across.

Repeat until you have the correct size.

I crocheted 12 rows of single crochet rows, which measure 17.5″ long and 2.5″ wide.

Don’t cut off your working yarn as you will need it to crochet the ends closed.

Finishing your covered crochet coat hanger

Find the central point of your piece of work – from top to bottom and from one side to the other.

With the right side facing, slip your crochet cover through the hanger’s hook and ensure that it fits nicely around the edges.

Take your working yarn and use single crochet stitches to join the sides together.

You can cover the hook in slip stitches – work from the bottom, securing the yarn to your work.  Dot a bit of glue to the end to ensure that it will not unravel.

Pom Pom Edge

In a contrasting color, attach the yarn to the right corner of the hanger cover and secure it with a slip stitch.

  • ch 3, chain another 3 for the first part of the pom pom.
  • yarn over and insert the hook in 3rd chain from the hook, pull up a loop, yo pull through 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on your hook.
  • yo and insert hook into chain again, pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook),
  • yo, insert hook, pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops (4 loops on hook),
  • yo and pull through all 4 loops (one cluster complete).

Second cluster

  • ch 3, yo, insert hook into the top of the cluster (3rd ch from the hook), pull up a loop, yo, and pull through 2 loops,
  • yo and insert hook into chain again, pull up loop, yo and pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook),
  • yo, insert hook and pull up, yo, and pull through 2 loops again(4 loops on hook),
  • yo and pull through all 4 loops (second cluster complete).

Fold the work in half (2 clusters on top of each other) yo, and in the 3rd chain of the first cluster attach the pom pom with a slip stitch.

Secure with ch1.

ch3, skip 2 stitches, insert hook into 3rd st and sl st.

Continue with the pattern until the edge (border) is covered.

End off and weave in ends.

Crochet a flower and 2 leaves and stitch them onto your hanger cover. Well done, you have completed yet another easy DIY stashbusting project.

If you loved this project, click through to another crocheted hanger cover previously shared on the blog.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed making this wonderful crochet project. It is so fulfilling to give something, and if you have made it yourself, it is even more special.

Please remember to share the social media images on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram and tag me @easyonthetongue. It will help spread the word and make my heart bounce!

Whatever you do –

Happy crocheting!

Note that the pattern is copyrighted to Amanda @ Easy on the Tongue and may not be reproduced copied, or used as your own. Sharing the PDF in any way or manner is an infringement of my copyright. Please refrain from sharing the pdf on social media, in any manner.

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