How to Knit Cable Rib, Knitting Stitches

Once you've used the knit cable rib in your garments, it will surely become a family favorite.

And don't let the term - cable discourage you.  You won't need a cable needle to achieve the cable effect.

You are going to be using only knit and purl stitches in the pattern, with a slight twist. Just one extra technique to master and you are good to go!

If you can read it, you can make it.

How to knit cable rib knitcablerib knittingstitches How to Knit Cable Rib, Knitting Stitches

KNIT cable rib


  • It is stretchy
  • Does not curl up
  • Ensures a snug fit
  • Often reversible (not this one though)
  • Gives form to your finished item

what you'll be using

  • Knitting Needles (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)
  • Elle Double Knit (DK) yarn / Light worsted yarn

For a snug fit, ribbing is usually worked with needles a size or two smaller than those used for your garment body.

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Cross 2 RK  -  cross 2 stitches to the right

K       - knit

P       -  purl

rep    - repeat

st       - stitch

more about ribbings

The pattern is knit over 4 rows.

The knit cable rib is a 2 x 2 ribbing, better explained as:  

1 x 1 rib is knit using k1, p1 in the uneven rows and p1, k1 in the even rows.

2 x 2 rib is knit in the same way, k2, p2 in the uneven rows and p2, k2 in the even rows.

Explaining Cross 2RK:

Cross 2RK is the abbreviation for:  cross 2 stitches to the right.

Knit cross 2RK as follows:

The process is the almost the same as knitting 2 stitches together:

Insert the right needle into the second stitch on the left needle, and knit the second stitch - without dropping the second or first stitch.

Then, knit the first stitch as well, and drop both stitches.

In other words, you are still knitting 2 stitches, just in another order as usual.  It is not an increase or decrease method, only to get the cable-twisted effect.

And that's it!

It helps if your knitting is a bit loser when you're knitting the cross knit stitches.

cable rib stitch cableribstitch knittingstitches How to Knit Cable Rib, Knitting Stitches

the pattern - knit cable rib STITCH


Cast on multiples of 4 stitches + 2 - my sample shown is worked over 30 stitches.

1st   Row:   P2  *K2, P2; rep from *  end;

2nd  Row:  K2 *P2, K2; rep from * to end;

3rd  Row:   P2  *Cross 2 RK, P2; rep from *  end;

4th  Row:   K2 *P2, K2; rep from * to end;

Repeat the pattern (these 4 rows) until your work is the desired length.

where to use the cable rib

  • Hat brims
  • Throws
  • Wearable items
  • Home articles

happy knitting!

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