Knitting Stitches – How to knit a ribbing

As a knitter, one of the most basic knitting stitches you will need to master is how to knit a ribbing!

My childhood memories are filled with yarn, needles, patterns and a mother finishing the one garment after another. did she always start? With a ribbing!

Mom often knitted a pair of ribbing on one needle...I was mesmerized by her creations and the awesomeness of the process.

knitting stitches - how to knit a ribbing

Why a ribbing?

  • It is stretchy
  • Does not curl up
  • Fits nicely around any shape
  • Reversible
  • Gives form



k       - Knit

p       - Purl

rep   -  repeat

st      - Stitch

sts    - Stitches

the pattern - 1 x 1 RIB STITCH


Cast on an even number of stitches.

First row - *K1, P1 - repeat from * to end

(K1 = make sure your yarn is at the back of your first st and knit the st)

(P1 = bring the yarn to the front of your work and purl the st)

Second row - *K1, P1 - repeat from * to end

Repeat these two rows until your work is the desired length.


Cast on an odd number of stitches.

First row - *K1, P1 - repeat from * to end, K1

Repeat this row.

more about the rib stitch

A ribbing consists of columns of knit stitches alternating with columns of purl stitches (with the purl stitches neatly tucked away in between the knit stitches).

This knitting stitch is a 1-row pattern and is nothing more than knit one, purl one, alternated across a row.

In the following row, you continue with the knit one, purl one combination, thus forming a vertical stripe.


Knitting stitches How to Knit a ribbing knit ribbing howtoknit Knitting Stitches – How to knit a ribbing

where to use the knit a RIBBING stitch

  • Waistlines
  • Cuffs
  • Necklines 
  • Hats 
  • Socks
  • Scarves
  • Hems

Variations on knitted ribbing 

  • 2 x 2 Ribbing 
  • 3 x x Ribbing
  • Fisherman's Rib
  • Mock Fisherman's Rib
  • Half Fisherman's Rib
  • Broken Rib Stitch
  • Ridge Rib Stitch
  • Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch
  • Farrow Rib Stitch

happy knitting!

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