How to Knit Reversible Shadow Rib

How often do you use the same knitting stitch over and over again?  But, often you discover a new favorite, such as the Reversible Shadow Rib Knit Stitch.

Why is it a favorite?

Well, let's say, I got more than I'd hoped for.  

I was looking for an interesting knitting pattern to knit scrunchies and thought a textured look would be interesting for a change.  I am still looking at the sample, thinking how interesting and easy this knit stitch pattern really is.

As the name reveals, the pattern is reversible, in that you can use both sides, but the knitting pattern stitch is created on the reverse side of your knitting too.

Reversible Shadow Rib Knit Stitch on  How to Knit Reversible Shadow Rib

how TO KNIT reversible 

shadow rib knit stitch


k       -  knit

k1 tbl - knit 1 through back loop

p       -  purl

rep    - repeat

rs      -  right side

st       - stitch

ws      - wrong side


  • Knitting Needles (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)
  • I used Elle Double Knit (DK) yarn / Light worsted yarn

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more about the reversible shadow rib knit stitch

The pattern is a 2-row repeat and the pattern stitch is created on the wrong side of the knitting project.

When you start knitting any piece (first row), your starting yarn will be on your left (if you are knitting European style and cast on the with the knit method).

As you progress with the piece, you will eventually cast off, and then the finishing yarn will be at the top right.

In this instance, you will knit your whole item, but the reverse side will be your pattern side - meaning the starting yarn will be at the bottom right and the finishing yarn, at the top left.

the pattern - reversible shadow rib stitch


Cast on multiples of 3 + 2 stitches - my sample shown is worked over 71 stitches.

1st  Row (WS) and all other wrong side rows: knit;

2nd Row:  p2, *k1 tbl, p2, rep from * to end;

Repeat the pattern (these 2 rows) until your work is the desired length.

Reversible Shadow Rib Knit Stitch with graph on 2 How to Knit Reversible Shadow Rib

Understanding the Chart:

When you are read a knitting chart, the first row, starts on the right-handside of the chart.

Because the second row of this knitting project is actually your first row, the direction of the chart has changed to the left.

However, you are reading the pattern from the front, and therefore the k1 tbl is shown on WS row.

where to use the reversible shadow rib

  • Borders (as ribbing)
  • Wearable items
  • Home articles
  • Between cables or as a repeat pattern

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To conclude:

The reversible shadow rib knit stitch can be used wherever you want.  Use it!

You are a creative soul and can make and create to your hearts content.

And whilst your standing firmly on your (YARN) ground, enjoy the therapy of knitting.

happy knitting!

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