Free Knit Square Pattern to Make a Quick Throw

The free knit square pattern is ideal to use when you are sitting in front of the television every night. Imagine making something while you are doing ‘nothing’?!

Knitting is such a clever way to relax from a busy day – eventually, you’ll be addicted to it.

The mitered knitting square pattern I share with you today, is: –

  • easy enough for the beginner.
  • the pattern is interesting enough for the more advanced knitters and
  • It’s a smart way to use up all your scraps of yarn, hoarding your cupboards.

mitered square variation patterns

Scroll to after the mitered square knitting pattern to find the links to more variation on this pattern.

The possibilities to create designs to your liking are endless!


2 Mitred and Square Knit blocks in multi colored yarn as shared in a post Free Easy Mitred Square knit pattern for a throw by  Free Knit Square Pattern to Make a Quick Throw




WHAT YOU’LL NEED to knit squares:

I used:

  • Knitting Needles (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)
  • Elle Gold Double Knit (DK) yarn / Light worsted yarn
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Needle

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The Easy Knit Square (Mitred) Pattern

(How to Knit a Mitered Square)


k – Knit

p – Purl

sts – Stitches

skpso – Slip one, Knit one, Pull slip stitch over

ktog – Knit together




If you received the pdf pattern before 16th August 2019, there was an error.

Row 28 should read: k10, p1, k10

free knitted square PATTERN (MITERED/mitred)

Cast on 47 sts

1 –  Knit row

2 –  Knit 23sts, 1 purl, knit 23 sts

3 –  Knit 21sts, 2sts tog, knit 1 (middle stitch), skpso, (slip 1, knit 1, pull slip               stitch over), knit 21sts

4 –  Knit 22sts, purl 1, knit 22sts

5 –  k20 sts, 2 sts tog, k1, skpso, k20 sts

6 –  k21sts, pl 1, k21sts

7 –  k19 sts, 2 sts tog, k1, skpso, k19 sts

8 –  k20 sts, p1, k20sts

9 –  k18sts, 2tog, k1, skpso, k18

10-  k19, p1, k19

11 –  k17, 2tog, k1, skpso,  k17

12-  k18, p1, k18

13 – k16, 2tog, k1, skpso, k16

14 – k17, p1, k17

15 – k15, 2tog, k1, skpso, k15

16 – k16, p1, k16

17 – k14, 2tog, k1, skpso, k14

18 – k15, p1, k15

19 – k13, 2tog, k1, skpso, k13

20- k14, p1, k 14

21 – k12, 2tog, k1, skpso, k12

22 – k13, p1, k13

23 – k11, 2tog, k1, skpso, k11

24 – k12, p1, k12

25 – k10, 2tog, k1, skpso, k10

26 – k11, p1, k11

27 – k9, 2tog, k1, skpso, k9

28 – k10, 2tog, p1, k10

29 – k8,2tog,k1, skpso, k8

30 – k9,p1, k9

31 –  k7, 2tog, k1, skpso, k7

32 – k8, p1, k8

33 – k6, 2tog, knit1, skpso, k6

34 – k7, p1, k7

35 – k5, 2tog, k1, skpso, k5

36 – k6, p1, k6

37 – k4, 2tog, k1, skpso, k4

38 – k5, p1, k5

39 – k3, 2tog, k1, skpso, k3

40 – k4, p1, k4

41 – k2, 2 tog, k1, skpso, k2

42 – k3, p1, k3

43 – k1, 2 tog, k1, skpso, k1

44 – k2, p1, k2

45 – k2tog, p1, k2tog

46 – p3

47 – k3tog

WHAT TO MAKE WITH YOUR knitted squareS?

Knit several squares and stitch it together to form a throw or blanket – whatever shape you want to use it for (for tips on how to stitch a blanket with the squares, read this post).

Knit or crochet a border and there you have an easy and finished product.

 There are different variations of the pattern available – this is the one I learned, and I am hoping it will be the one for you too!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and would love for you to share the joy with your family and friends. 



Check out the variations on the mitered square knit pattern:


in conclusion

Knitting one square does not take a lot of time. If you are traveling for long distances, or don’t want to sit idle between breaks, you should seriously consider knitting squares.

It is addictive and before you know it, you’ll have enough squares to turn into something handmade and useful.

It is an ideal way to use up scraps of wool, or the many balls without projects (LOL).

Whatever you do, HAPPY KNITTING!


free easy knit mitered square pattern mitredsquare freeknittingpattern Free Knit Square Pattern to Make a Quick Throw

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