Knitting Stitches – How to Knit Moss Stitch the right way

Are you curious to know if there is such a thing as learning how to moss stitch the right way?


Is there a wrong way?

Not really – only a very confusing one.  But don’t despair, after this post, you will be queen of the moss stitch!

Have you ever followed a pattern religiously – knit one, purl one and then 2 stitches before the end, there are only knit stitches? What then?

I have said it before, knitting is not as forgiving as crocheting.

But… with a tweak here and there, you can always adjust your stitches to have a perfect knit.

Knitting Stitches Learn how to knit moss linen seed stitch mossstich knitmoss knitseed knitlinen 683x1024 Knitting Stitches – How to Knit Moss Stitch the right way

Materials needed to knit moss stitch:


Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn

Moss Stitch Pattern


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cont – continue

k       – Knit

p       – Purl

rep   –  repeat

st      – Stitch

sts    – Stitches

how to knit moss stitch


Moss stitch is a 2-row pattern and is nothing more than knit one, purl one, alternated across a row.

In the following row, you simply alternate the order of your knit one, purl one combination.


Cast on an even number of stitches.

First row – *K1, P1 – repeat from * to end

Second row – *P1, K1 – repeat from * to end

Repeat these two rows until your work is the desired length.


Cast on an odd number of stitches.

First row – K1, *P1, k1 – repeat from * to end

Repeat this row.

Understanding How to Knit Moss Stitch 1 Knitting Stitches – How to Knit Moss Stitch the right way

what is moss stitch


Apparently…there is a difference in British and American knit ‘moss stitch’.

Moss Stitch UK is described in the pattern provided above – and is also referred to as Seed Stitch.  It is a two row alternation.

American Moss Stitch is described as a 4-row pattern, knit as follows:

Cast on an uneven number of stitches.

Row 1: *K1, P1, repeat from * to last stitch, K1.

Rows 2 & 3: *P1, K1, repeat from * to last stitch, P1.

Row 4: as row 1. Repeat these 4 rows.

If this had you confused – have you heard of the IRISH moss stitch?

Cast on multiples of 2:

Row 1: * K1, P1 * – repeat  * to * to the end of the row

Row 2: * K1, P1 * – repeat to end

Row 3: * P1, K1 * – repeat to end

Row 4: * P1, K1 *

Rows 1 to 4 form your pattern.

Knit the pattern to your desired length.

And finally…there is yet another MOSS STITCH – the


Double Moss stitch is knit in a 4-row repeat pattern:

Cast on in multiples of 4 +2

Row 1* K2, P2 *, repeat from * to *,K2

Row 2: P2, * K2, P2 * to end

Row 3* P2, K2 *, repeat from * to *, P2

Row 4: K2, * P2, K2 * to end

Rows 1 to 4 form your pattern.

Knit the pattern to your desired length.

How to use the moss stitch Pattern?

The moss stitch is versatile and makes the most gorgeous baby blankets, you can knit a scarf for yourself in one evening or you can add some textured rows in a throw.

With the alternatives to moss stitch knitting, you have more than you bargained for!

Happy knitting!

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