Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers (to keep up)

Are you the one in the family who remembers all the birthdays, but forgets to say, ‘Happy Birthday’? I have a feeling we act alike and therefore I am sharing the free birthday calendar for yarn lovers with you.

A birthday tracker may cause us to be more intentional (to just call when you see the date), but you will feel a bit more organized too. Plus, the free printable can be hung up in your office or toilet (I wonder why), which makes it a handy decor item.

Enough said, let’s have a look at it:

1 1024x1024 Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers (to keep up)

Download and Print the Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers

Yarn lover, fiber artist, crocheter, knitter, weaver, macrame knotter, punch needle enthusiast, this freebie is a digital download that features one annual calendar and twelve different monthly pages. The pages are adorned with illustrations of yarn a top of the months. It is available to Easy on the Tongue subscribers. Subscribe to receive the download link (below).


  • Good quality card stock (not too thick) or plain paper
  • Hole punch
  • Twine, ribbon or leather strips
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • The printable (off course)

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The printable was designed on A4 size paper.

  • Scroll down to the sign-up page below and sign up.
  • Check your email from Amanda @ Easy on the Tongue.
  • Click on the downloadable link (or image).
  • The printable automatically downloads from the email.
  • Download format is A4 in pdf.
  • Add your paper to your printer, open the downloaded page and send it to your printer.
  • Press enter and that is all to it!
Free Birthday Calendar displayed on easyonthetongue.com 1 1024x1024 Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers (to keep up)


  1. One way to use it, is to punch holes in the top, string ribbon, yarn, or embroidery floss through and hang; or
  2. Clamp with binder clips and add a string to hang it up somewhere.
  3. Stick it in a flip-file or binder; or
  4. make your own tear-off pad with it (with glue and clamps or binder clips) – here is a lovely tutorial by The Crazy Craft Lady.
  5. If you have the luxury of a spiral binding machine, make a birthday notebook (it makes a lovely gift); or
  6. Laminate each month separately and use a Sharpie to add the names.
How to display the Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers 1024x1024 Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers (to keep up)


Some rules that apply to yarn lovers:

  • YARN STOCK – She (or he, or it) does not keep track of her own yarn stock.
  • WIP’s – Current projects are WIP’s (works in progress and progress is not a measurable action).
  • INSPIRATION – A Day without using yarn, thinking about it, or sometimes just looking at it, is a solid waste.
  • FILL MY CRAFT ROOM – Household garbage is something that belongs in the trash can, not in a craft room.
  • COMPLIMENTS – A public comment is welcomed if it equals a compliment about something she created.
  • SPOTTING OTHER YARN LOVERS – Talking to strangers in a yarn shop is a great way to meet new friends or to exchange skills and ideas.
  • CAL’s & KAL’s – CAL’s (crochet-alongs) or KAL’s (knit-alongs) are emergency solutions to get rid of excess stock.
  • BLOGGERS BFF’s – Crochet and Knitting Bloggers are advisory boards with patterns and techniques to inspire greatness.
  • I’M TESTING – Baskets full of WIP’s are saved for special events.
  • SHORT SUPPLY – There is no ban on purchasing 2, 3 or 4 balls of new yarn, until further notice.

    SERIOUSLY, a yarn lover is a unique, skilled, and kind person. She makes without asking, spends hours creating and feels content doing so.


    The designer of this lovely calendar is Marilise of Penny Crafts Designs on Etsy. She recently opened her Etsy shop, and I am impressed by her creativity.

    As a launch special, she offers 20% on any of her items until the end of April 2023. The coupon code is available in the welcoming email (once subscribed).

    If you love graphics, svg’s, embroidery designs, social media templates and lots of craft patterns, Creative Fabrica stocks it all.

    Check out their Freebies, Discount Deals and Daily Gifts in the Top Right of their home page.

    I am an affiliate and will earn a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. Thanks, if you do!

    All graphics were created in CANVA. You can use the platform free – click to subscribe to Canva here.

    want more free printables?

    Browse around the printable’ category, for many printable tags and something nice.

    I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog, and I’d be delighted if you would share this everywhere.

    Have a creative and joyful day!

    The design is copyright © EASY ON THE TONGUE please do not distribute, sell, or copy the PDF File of the printable as your own! But, please share your calendars by tagging easy_on_the_tongue on INSTAGRAM.


    Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers on easyonthetongue Pin 1 683x1024 Free Birthday Calendar for Yarn Lovers (to keep up)

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