Cover a Pringle Can in a Free Coloring Printable

Empty (or full) Pringle Cans make the perfect gift and that is why I created this Pringle can free coloring printable.

Not only can the can serve as a gift box but it can add at least a few minutes of fun around the table or Christmas tree.

Just remember to have coloring pens ready.

Cover Pringle Can with this free printable available on  Cover a Pringle Can in a Free Coloring Printable

pringle can FRee coloring printable 

more about the free PRINtABLE to cover a pringle can

The freebie is a one-page (A4) digital download. It is available to Easy on the Tongue subscribers.

what you'll need to finish your coloring pringle can

  • Card stock or plain paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Twine, ribbon or leather strips
  • Other fun things to add to your can
  • Paper flower pom pom (optional)
  • Washi tape (to cover the lid if you want)
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • The printable (off course)


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Download, print and attach the pringle can free printable

Covering the Pringle can:

  • Subscribe to receive the link to the Resource Library (all current subscribers can access it from there - no need to subscribe again!);
  • Download the free pdf to your printer or open and print;
  • Print on paper of your choice.  I used plain printer paper;
  • Cut off a tiny bit at the top and bottom of the printable and the extra overlap on the sides.  Measure it first.  If you cut off too much, just add some twine, ribbon or rope to cover the opening (yeah, that's what I did!); 
  • Add lengths of double-sided tape to the tube, peel off the layer and stick your printable on.  Where it overlaps, you can add an extra strip to close it nicely.
  • I bought a cheap paper flower pom-pom and cut it in halve.  You can then cover the bottom piece with tape and stick it in the opening;
  • You can also cover the lid with washi tape or punch a piece of paper and glue to it;
  • Add ribbon, twine or all kinds of nice things to your can;
  • Remember to fill with your surprise....!
  • and whalla....there you have a nice gift box, or table arrangement, or something to catch the eye.

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Cover Pringle Can with this free printable available on 1 Cover a Pringle Can in a Free Coloring Printable

There is so much that you can do with the coloring printable - 

  • Print and laminate, and allow your kids to color it in a couple of times; or
  • then use as a placemat;
  • Use colored paper;

Whatever you do, please enjoy and share this freebie with your peeps.

have yourself a very merry Christmas

The graphics used to create the coloring printable are from Creative Fabrica.

I signed up a few months ago for their subscription which allows me to download anything I want, with a commercial usage included.

Creative Fabrica stocks graphics, svg's, craft patterns and embroidery designs.  It is worth visiting.

Check out their Freebies, Discount Deals and Daily Gifts in the Top Right of their page.

I am an affiliate and will earn a small commission if you make a purchase using my link.  Thanks if you do!

All graphics are created in CANVA.  You can use the platform for free - click to subscribe to Canva here.

christmas banner Cover a Pringle Can in a Free Coloring Printable

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