List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

Create holiday cheer with the greatest Christmas embroidery designs to be found around the web.

I scoured Etsy for unique and quality Christmas embroidery designs. What makes these shops even more special is the fact that any purchase made supports a small enterprise.  

Yes, lots of women are trying to supplement the household with their craftiness, and what better way to sell a digital product?

Have a look at the Free Christmas designs shared in this post.

Greatest Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs LTK 819x1024 List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

The links below are affiliate links and I will be compensated should you purchase as a result thereof.  Thank you for your support!


Here follow the embroidery designs to stitch out this holiday season:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Perfect Christmas Gifts
  • Great Stocking stuffers
  • Christmas home decor
  • Xmas table, or
  • Just something for yourself that is so pretty and reminds you of your childhood or something.

You don’t even have go through the hard time to find designs, I have done it all for you.  Now, just enjoy and find something special!


Christmas tree truck embroidery design by dropdeadthreads List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

The red truck with a Christmas tree is being recreated in many forms. No wonder it found its way to the wonderful world of the applique embroidery design.

Now you can replicate it onto t-shirts, gift bags, or personalized gifts.

Christmas will just never be the same again without the red truck – agreed? Click to buy the design by Jade at DropDeadThreads87.

santa stamps – updated to 2026

Christmas stamp embroidery design List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

Deliver your wishes to the Northpole in time by airmail with lovely embroidered postal stamps from Anna at Artapli.

Nothing melts a heart as much as a personal touch, and not even Santa will be able to resist.

Make memories, create something for the imagination!

nativity scene raggy applique 

Christmas Nativity scene applique design List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

We can all use the same applique designs, and it will hardly ever look the same.

The design is softened or accentuated with the choice of fabric color.

Add some wording – a message or name and you have made this plain, yet striking design, your own.

What is Christmas without a Star?

ITH Applique start alphabet banner List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

When I purchased my first embroidery machine, it always frustrated me that I could not attempt any designs bigger than the 4 x 4 hoop. If you are struggling with the same problem, you are in luck. 

The star design from Kros MB fits the 4 x 4-frame and includes the whole alphabet.

the most adorable ith vintage deer ornament

greatest machine embroidery designs deer ornament List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

C.U.T.E, CUTE, cute.

Can you resist this adorable vintage deer by OopsidaisibEmbroidery?

This lovely 4 x 4 design can be used as a Christmas ornament, or gift tag or the design can be embroidered on any gift.

Something I am adding to my wish list.

Scandinavian ITH gnome towel topper

greatest machine embroidery design scandinavian gnome List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

“The little Scandinavian Christmas Gnome by Smart Design Embroidery can top your towels and put a festive yet cute flair to your bathroom and kitchen.

The ITH towel topper is a very addictive version of this little feller. Your children, your guests, and yourself will just love it! You can sew this towel topper onto face cloths and hand/guest towels.”

A PDF tutorial is included that will assist you in recreating this little beauty!


greatest machine embroidery design dog collar List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

Who forgets man’s best friend when it comes to Christmas presents?

I’m starting to run out of words to describe all the great Christmas embroidery designs available! Adorable, cute, lovely, beautiful, too cute…What can I say about this dog bib/bandana, it motivates you to make one for your pooch.

ITH coloring stuffies

ITH coloring Christmas stuffies by SewSarahDesigns 4 List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

Let’s face it, Christmas time can often be very stressful, especially with busy toddlers running around in need of stimulation.

The coloring stuffies stitch out in a few minutes and will at least keep busy hands occupied for a while. Be creative and give glitter and glue or paint in addition to markers – you can even urge them to do it nicely and gift it to aunts, uncles, grans, or friends.


greates machine embroidery designs advent List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

I am disappointed that I did not find this advent calendar embroidery design earlier.

It is an heirloom make and will amaze your guests year after year. If you have family visiting later in December, you should still attempt it – it will be so worth the effort.

ITH Christmas trees

greates machine embroidery designs trees List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

The design sizes include 12 embroidery motifs, 6 each for ITH trees and 6 for sewing/patches. The designs fit frame sizes 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4), 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7) and 14 x 25 cm or larger.

These designs are perfect for your entry hall, Christmas table, or on the tree.

christmas gift or treat bags

greatest machine embroidery design giftbags List of Best Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

Let me just start and inform you that Stickbaer is one of my favorite embroidery shops of all time.  Everything she makes and designs is of such good quality and is total eye candy!

These sachets are easy and quick to stitch out.

You can personalize it with names or phrases, fill it with treats and it makes for such special, personal gifts.

Above all, we wish you a merry Christmas with lots of laughter, joy, fun…. and lots of stitching!


The machine embroidery patterns shared in this post are ideal embroidery projects to give your creative heart and mind, the necessary inspiration and urge to MAKE.

Use the latest Christmas embroidery designs to create the perfect gift – be it for family, friends or even to sell.

This time of the year is all about creating memories and filling your heart with happiness.  

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