The most special Rudolph Christmas Treats found for you, to easily make

During my search for the most special Rudolph Christmas Treats, I found special ideas for you, to easily make with the kids, grandkids or family. 

However, I never realised just what a variety of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer treats there are.

Let me tell you if you stick 2 eyes, a red nose and antlers on any shape, you have a Reindeer!

The most special Rudolph Christmas Treats found for you to easily make Click to see all the homemade gift ideas to make for  The most special Rudolph Christmas Treats found for you, to easily make

The list is not complete, but you have hopefully not seen it all!



  1. Reindeer Bark by Nicole at The Simple and Seasonal - I can just imagine how much fun your little ones will have, adding the eyes, noses and antlers to the chocolate! - Image below, Top Right.
  2. Jenn from Princess Pinky Girl has another take on Reindeer bark. She changed the shape of the cookie and used a different sweetie for the nose and it resulted in a different looking Rudolph!


Christmas Reindeer Cake made by Wilton's will fit on any Christmas table!

Where to buy candy decorating items:

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Reindeer CANDY CANE treats

  1. Debbie from One Little Project shares 'How to make Candy Cane Reindeer' - make quick and easy treats....just stick the eyes and noses on candy canes and add the antlers. have gorgeous and cute pressies.
  2. What if your family do not like the candy cane?  Kara from Happy Go Lucky Blog took plastic candy cane, filled it with sweeties he/she likes and decorated it as a Reindeer.
  3. Emilie of 'Finding Zest' used 2 candy canes to form a Reindeer Pop.  Perfect for a neighbour or school class gift or as stocking stuffers.
  4. 2 Candy Canes are partially dipped in chocolate and spruced up as Reindeer by Smart Schoolhouse.

Rudolph COOKIE treats

  1. Reindeer Sugar Cookies by The Best Ideas for Kids blog is a fun, family project.  So easy to decorate - even your babies can help!
  2. Perfect for any guests, gifts or goodness. Make these beautiful Reindeer cookies by Cindy Hopper of Skip to my Lou.  Image above - in the middle.
  3. Everyone will love these Rudolph Reindeer Brownies by The Keeper of The Cheerios!  The brownies are wrapped and decorated as Reindeer.
  4. Mealtime Movement Blog made brownies and decorated it with pretzels, red candy and small candy eyeballs.
  5. Decorate soft gingerbread cookies as Reindeer and see how much it is loved! Nums the Word used a very traditional favorite and tuned it up!
  6. "A super simple cookie recipe you can make with your children or grandchildren. These Reindeer Grahams are an adorable, tasty and just plain fun holiday treat!"  Check out Ann's cuties at Ann Sentitled Life.
  7. Meringue Reindeer Cookies take me back to the time when my girls were small. They loved character meringues! With a blog name like I Heart Kitchen, you can expect only the best!
  8. Cute Reindeer Sugar Cookie by the Thrifty Couple - leave the decorating for your kids!
  9. The team of Trifty Northwest Mom had me at No-bake....try their adorable No-bake Christmas Reindeer Cookies.  It is easy enough for little hands to make.
  10. Brave enough? Try making the Reindeer Gingerbread Macarons with Orange Intense Dark Chocolate Ganache recipe and add a red nose to each.
  11. Do you love No-Bakes? Build a Reindeer with little effort with Twinkies (we call them Tinkies) - you'll know what I am referring to once you click to Justine's blog!


  1. How to make a cute Rudolph Reindeer Cookie Pops - who can be so clever...just dip the Oreo in chocolate and add the rest!
  2. Use Peanut Buttercup and small Swiss Rolls to create this adorable Reindeer on legs.  Made by Sweet Simple Stuff. 
  3. Fun Reindeer Cupcakes - one of my personal favourites!!!  Click through to see just how stinking cute this is....
  4. I Heart Naptime shares a Reindeer pop made by Amy.  Most things in the kitchen look complicated to me - and I was surprised how easy this project is!
  5. Laura's Bakery is a Dutch blog.  She made the most adorable Reindeer cupcakes I have ever seen!  A must click through!
  6. 'Decadently rich chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache frosting decorated to look like adorably cute reindeer for Christmas.'  Made by Hungry Happenings.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer FOOD treats

  1. DIY Rudolph Hot Cocoa Holiday Gifts with FREE printable gift tags by Mommy Musings.
  2. Cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Waffle Cone Treat, another by Thrifty Couple - a fun and fast treat to involve the whole family.
  3. Reindeer Pancakes - in our part of the world, we call it crumpets.... but it's not about the name...but the taste!!!! Bacon antlers?
  4. Slim Jim Reindeer snacks made by The Nerd's Wife are a healthier option to treats than most of the other recipes. Substitute the Slim Jim's with Salami or Dry wors sticks.
  5. Peanut Butter Celery Reindeer Sticks are healthy Reindeer snack options.

Reindeer SWEETIE treats

  1. Reindeer Lollipops - download the free Reindeer template and stick a lollipop in, by Brisbane Kids.
  2. Rudolph Red Nose Pops made by The Thrifty Couple - marshmallows dunked in chocolate and decorated with candy!
  3. Cute & Easy Rudolph the Reindeer Pops - another marshmallow covered in chocolate but with different antlers.
  4. Jenny of Crafting in the Country added a Reindeer paper bag topper to a cellophane packet filled with sweets - a quick and easy stocking stuffer.
  5. Reindeer Fudge!!! How creative...sweetness made by Mom Lid's Musings.
  6. The Fun-squared blog featured Reindeer Noses Mason Gift Jars. Unfortunately, the link to the original post is not working anymore. Because it is such a stunning craft project, I just had to include it in this round-up.  Fill it with a favourite sweetie for a quick and easy gift.
  7. Marshmallows and pretzels were used multiple times to form Reindeers. The two ingredients together, definitely make Rudolph different.  Check out Ziggity Zoom's adorable Reindeers!
  8. Make the Rolo Pretzel Reindeer from I Heart Naptime when you receive unexpected guests and are in need of extra treats or gifts. Make it with just 4 ingredients!
  9. Rice Cereal or Rice Krispies are used in many different ways as Reindeer treats. The heart-shaped Reindeer by Land O Lakes is just one of the unique ways!
  10. Hot Cocoa Krispies Reindeer, are formed by rolling ingredients in balls.  Made by 'Cute as a Fox'.
  11. Rice Krispies rectangles are dipped in chocolate and decorated as Reindeer.  Beth from Hungry Happenings created this special treat with the cutest antlers from Wilton!


  1. Use the picture tutorial by Party City to make Reindeer Pretzel Rods.  I like the uniqueness of the treat and have not seen something similar in my searches.
  2. Rudolph Chocolate Pretzels with cherry noses are Melissa of Kid Friendly Things to do's take on "Keeping it simple, because who has time for complicated?"


  1. Make the magic of Christmas so much real with Reindeer Food - Kim from Today's Creative Life shares her recipe as well as a poem to attach to the wonder!
  2. See how Amy of The Idea Room made and packed Reindeer Feed and grab her free stencils.

ARE YOU A CRAFSTER BY ANY CHANGE?  Well, then you may want to check out this Rudolph Christmas Machine Embroidery Post - click here for a selection of free and paid designs.

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  1. Truest eye candy!! Though from a totally different culture but I SOO love these. I need to grab some of the decoration items and make my little boy at least one of these this festival. I can already imagine his reaction, ha! Thanks.

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