Lets Knit a Blanket, Square 4 in Garter with 4 hearts

I am so excited to share the next square in the "Let's knit a blanket" series of the KAL (knit-a-long) with you.  The 4th square comes in garter stitch with 4 hearts. 

If you are visiting my site for the first time, a KAL means, Knit-A-Long.  

It basically is a series of patterns in seperate posts.

The patterns can all be different or in this instance, have one thing in common - to knit a couple of squares, sew or crochet it together and there you have a blanket!


For more information on the KAL, how it works, and the previous patterns, click through to:

As this project started in the Covid-19 lockdown period, I am calling it the Quarantine blanket.

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knit a blanket - square 4

Knit a blanket KAL Knit a garter stitch blocks square with 4 hearts knitblanket KAL knittingsquares knittingpattern 2 Lets Knit a Blanket, Square 4 in Garter with 4 hearts

The square in the image has not been blocked as yet.  Blocking is recommended.

KNIT A BLANKET - SQUARE 4 in garter stitch, 4 hearts, FREE KNITTING PATTERN

What you'll need:

  • 5 colors of the same Yarn (I used Elle Gold Double Knit (DK) yarn / Light worsted yarn)
  • Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)
  • Blunt Needles (stitching it together)
  • The Pattern

intarsia knitting or fair isle knitting:

The square pattern includes heart inserts.

You can either use the Intarsia or Fair Isle method.

* Ensure that the yarn overlaps when you are changing        colors to avoid any holes in your knitting project.


The square is divided in thirds - 

First part (11 sts)    - knit in moss

Middle part (11sts) - knit according to the pattern

Third part (11 sts)  - knit in moss

The basic pattern is the same as the knitting pattern for the Easy Knit Square Pattern, but the number of stitches have been adjusted for future square designs.


Square 4 with 4 intarsia heart inserts Pattern


k - Knit

p - Purl

sts - Stitches

A - main color

B - color for heart 1 insert

C - color for heart 2 insert


Cast on 33 sts in A.

Knit as follows:- In A

Rows 1 to 12  - all knit rows

13th Row       - knit

14th Row       - k5, p12, k5, p12, k5

Prepare to change colors:

15th Row       - k9 (A), k1 (B), k13 (A), k1 (C), k9(A)

16th Row       - k5 (A), p3 (A), p3 (C), p3 (A), k5 (A), p3 (A),

                          p3 (B), p3 (A), k5(A)

17th Row       - k7 (A), k5 (B), k9 (A), k5 (C), k7(A)

18th Row       - k5 (A), p1 (A), p7 (C), p1 (A), k5 (A), p1 (A),

                          p7 (B), p1 (A), k5(A)

19th Row       - k6 (A), k7 (B), k7 (A), k7 (C), k6(A)

20th Row      - k5 (A), p1 (A), p3 (C), p1 (A),  p3 (C), p1 (A), 

                          k5 (A), p1 (A), p3 (B), p1 (A), p3 (B), p1(A),k5(A)

21st Row        - k7 (A), k1 (B), k3 (A), k1 (B), k2 (A), k7 (A),

                          k1 (C), k3 (A), k1 (C), k2 (A), k5 (A)

22nd Row      - k5 (A), p9 (A), k5 (A), p9 (A), k5(A)

23rd Row       - knit

24th Row       - k5 (A), p9 (A), k5 (A), p9 (A), k5(A)

25th to 36th Rows - knit

37th Row       - knit

38th Row       - k5 (A), p9 (A), k5 (A), p9 (A), k5(A)

39th Row       - k9 (A), k1 (D), k13 (A), k1 (E), k9(A)

40th Row       - k5 (A), p3 (A), p3 (E), p3 (A), k5 (A), p3 (A),

                           p3 (D), p3 (A), k5(A)

41st Row        - k7 (A), k5 (D), k9 (A), k5 (E), k7(A)

42nd Row      - k5 (A), p1 (A), p7 (E), p1 (A), k5 (A), p1 (A),

                           p7 (D), p1 (A), k5(A)

43rd Row       - k6 (A), k7 (D), k7 (A), k7 (E), k6(A)

44th Row       - k5 (A), p1 (A), p3 (E), p1 (A),  p3 (E), p1 (A), 

                           k5 (A), p1 (A), p3 (D), p1 (A),p3 (D),p1(A),k5(A)

45th Row       - k7 (A), k1 (D), k3 (A), k1 (D), k9 (A),

                          k1 (E), k3 (A), k1 (E), k2 (A), k5 (A)

46th Row      - k5 (A), p9 (A), k5 (A), p9 (A), k5(A)

47th Row       - knit

48th Row       - k5 (A), p9 (A), k5 (A), p9 (A), k5(A)

Rows 49 - 60 - All knit rows

Cast off and weave in ends.


  • First decide what is the purpose of the blanket  you are about to knit;
  • Is it to keep you busy?  Chose your yarn and knit along!
  • Do you want to use up scraps of  yarn?  Knit along!
  • You're actually wondering if you should not knit it for someone's baby, child or your elderly parent?  With careful color combinations, you will be able to complete a beautifully handmade gift;
  • You can join in any time;
  • Knit the squares as you have time and according to your design (of your blanket and purpose);
  • Knit as many squares as your time and resources allow;
  • You will need about 64 squares to make a decent sized blanket (with double knit yarn);
  • Share your knitting squares with #eottquarintineblanket (IG, FB and Pinterest) - PLEASE!
  • Each pattern will also be shared on all Easy on the Tongue's social media accounts.

in conclusion

Don't overthink it.  

The most important action, is to get started.

If you don't like your colors, adjust and continue.  I have a lot of flops in my yarn graveyard.  It is only with practice and trial and error that we improve with our crafts.

Whilst homebound, use your time to make something to remind you of the difficulties we faced during Covid 19, but also, of the wonderful gift of time, we were given.

Happy knitting!

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