Easy Knit Square Pattern that you’ll Love to Make

I am all about EASY and this easy knit square pattern  I am sharing today is no exception!

The pattern is super easy and will turn a beginner knitter into a confident one.

My sister in law used the pattern to create a blanket for a toddler – it is suitable for babies, toddlers, teens and let’s say cold knees.  She backed it with a fleecy fabric, making it suitable for a play mat or something nice to tuck under during winter.

Easy Knit Square Pattern to make throws for babies toddlers teens and cold knees easyknitsquare knitting freeknittingpattern knitsquares knitthrow Easy Knit Square Pattern that you’ll Love to Make

What you’ll need:


Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn

Blunt Needles (stitching it together)

The Pattern

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The Easy Knit Square Pattern


k – Knit

p – Purl

sts – Stitches


Cast on 30 sts.

Knit as follows:-

Rows 1 – 20 All knit

*Row 21 – knit

Row 22 – k10, p10, k10**

Repeat rows 23 – 40 from * to **, thus alternating the middle stitches to form the block.

Rows 41 – 60 – All knit

Cast off and weave in ends.

You will need about 64 blocks to make a decent sized blanket (with double knit yarn).

Close up of the Easy Knit Square Pattern:

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