Free Printable Valentines Gift Tags

This Valentines day, don’t forget the most important aspect, the message. That’s exactly why I ceated the free printable Valentines day gift tags. All you need to do is download and print. 

One thing less for you to worry about?!


Maybe you have an important proposal, or maybe you do not want to reveal too much…

It is a gift to love and be loved and therefore, we should cherish our relationships every day. I don’t mean just the love between a man and woman, but also between parents and their children, grandparents and their offspring, the list goes on. 

We only live once. Make it a special day!

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My soektog na nuwe Afrikaanse Valentynsdag etikette het nie veel opgelewer nie.  Al wat ek kon kry was argaïse prentjies.

Nee wat, ons kan mos ook darem ietsie eie aan ons gebruik.  Hoop jy geniet dit.  Toegang tot die Afrikaanse aflaaie is heel onderaan die artikel.

Valentines Day Gift Tags by Easy on the Tongue valentinetags printablevalentinetags tags Free Printable Valentines Gift Tags


FRee printable valentines gift tags


more about the free PRINtABLE valentines gift tags

The freebie is a one-page digital download that features nine different tags each. It is available to Easy on the Tongue subscribers.

what you’ll need for your tags

  • Card stock or plain paper
  • Hole punch
  • Twine, ribbon or leather strips
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • The printable (off course)

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This is an affiliate link.  Any purchase made will result in a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Download, print, and attach your valentines gift tags

Making your gift tags:

  • Download the free PDF to your printer or open and print;
  • Print on good quality card stock; or
  • on regular printer paper and layer on colored or patterned paper; 
  • Tidy up the cutout and punch a hole in the suggested circle; or
  • Print on sticker paper, cut out, and stick to your gift/s;
  • Add ribbon, twine, or leather strips to attach to your present;

Please share the Pinterest image to your account.  I’ll be most obliged…

free printable valentine gift tags valentineprintables valentinegifttags valentinesdaytags  Free Printable Valentines Gift Tags
wrapping gifts:

It is not necessary to always wrap gifts in traditional gift paper.  Try something new like:

  • Tissue paper – match it with twine and your printed tag;
  • Take an empty container such as a jar or basket layer it with tissue paper and wrap it with cellophane;
  • Use paper gift bags and stick your tag on with some washi tape;
  • An organza drawstring bag always compliments jewelry.

Try matching your paper, tags, and twine (ribbon) with the same or complementary colors.

Beautifully wrapped gifts are next level.  It means you have taken more care, spent time, and added the extra touch!

Afrikaanse Valentyns geskenk etikette tags afrikaansetags afrikaansvalentynsdag valentynsdag gratisdrukgoed tags Free Printable Valentines Gift Tags
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