How to Knit Pretty Covered Coat Hangers, Free Pattern

My Mom is recovering from a stroke, and she slowly but surely got her knitting mojo back.  Today she shared her old-time favorite knitting pattern on how to knit pretty covered coat hangers, with me.

This pattern is ideal if you are searching to make something quick and easy for a church fair. Or maybe gifts for friends and family?  

Curious to try the new knitted coat hanger pattern?

The garter stitch, combined with the lace edge, gives the covered hanger quite a feminine finish. 

Knit pretty covered coat hangers free pattern on easyonthetongue.com knitcoveredhangers knittingpattern freeknitting How to Knit Pretty Covered Coat Hangers, Free Pattern

how to knit pretty covered coat hangers


  • For the cover, I used Elle Gold, Double Knit, my favorite choice of yarn.
  • I worked with a pair of 4mm knitting needles, US – 6 and UK – 8. 
  • A wooden crescent shaped hanger is approximately 16 inches/ 42cm.
  • Knitting pattern for coat hangers.


Measure the circumference of your hanger and add an extra couple of inches for an easy fit.


co  –   cast on

k    –   knit

m1 –  make on stitch (make one stitch by knitting in front and back of the same stitch)(increase)

st  –    stitch

sts –   stitches

covered hangers pattern

The pattern is knit in garter stitch, which means that all the rows are knit rows.

Cast on 19 sts (or the required stitches matching your yarn weight and needle size.

1st row:   knit

2nd row: knit

3rd row:  k16 sts, m1,k1, m1, k1, m1, k1 (22sts)

4th row:  knit

5th row:  knit

6th row:  knit

7th row:  cast off 3 sts, knit to end (19sts)

8th row:  knit

Repeat rows 1-8 to form your pattern, until it is long enough.(approximate 20-22 repeats).

Cast off and finish as per the instructions below.

how to finish your knitted coat hangers

Find the central point of your piece of work – from top to bottom and from one side to the other.

Slip your knit hanger cover through your work and ensure that it fits nicely around the edges.

Take your cast-on yarn (if enough) or join yarn and sew one end, the long edges and the other end together (using a flat seam).

Cover the hook in slip stitches (crochet or by slipping it through by hand) – work from the bottom, securing the yarn to your work.  Dot a bit of glue to the end to ensure that it will not unravel.

Finish the covered hanger off with ribbon, a bow and a flower.

In conclusion:

The how-to-knit coat hanger covers pattern is just gorgeous – and I can say that because it is a hand-me-down pattern.

Not only are covered hangers pretty but also functional. Clothes slipping off the hanger is a frustration and garments hang better once a hanger has extra padding.  

Well, then there is nothing more to be said – Just keep Knitting!


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Knitting Project knit east garter stitch hanger covers knithangercovers garterstitchhangercovers freeknittingpattern How to Knit Pretty Covered Coat Hangers, Free Pattern

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