Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself

Red roses, candlelight, chocolates, and lots of love……

If you are lucky enough to have someone special sharing your life, spoil him or her ​and cherish what you have.  If you don’t believe in IT anymore, read this post by Liam Neeson on Facebook quoting Mesa Selimovic:

Laim Neeson post Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself

Love is the only thing in this world, that does not hurt.


Even, if you don’t, remember Valentine’s Day is here to stay and nothing in this world is going to change that loving feeling​!  

Yes, I know the roses are selling at a ridiculous price per stem for the day, what the heck?  You only actually get to celebrate the romance once a year in style!

Ideas to spoil your valentine:-​

If you have the luxury of time in the mornings, why not plan these quick and easy breakfasts:

Breakfast Ideas​

​1.  French Toast with strawberry butter from Land O Lakes – in heart shapes of course!

​2.  Heart Shape Pizza by Camille.  She includes a tutorial and in fact, it is something to prepare whenever you feel like it!

3. Heart-shaped eggs on toast – why not? – more ideas on this blog.

​4.  If you toast two pieces of bread (in heart shapes remember) and make a scrumptious sandwich with some greenery, tomato, pickled onions (not so strong as a normal onion), cheese, or cold meats.  Serve this on a wooden board with extra cheese and pickles.  Remember to flag your sandwich with special messages.  Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous has free printables.  If you want something more raunching, be creative and knock his socks off!

Valentines day Breakfast Ideas 717x1024 Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself

Lunch Box Treats

1.  Adorable heart pretzels by The Paper Pinata.

2.  Make these gorgeous felt fortune cookies, with this easy tutorial from Erin at Sometime Homemade.

3.  Natalie from Superhealthykids made these heart-shaped waffles.  It could serve as dessert at dinner too, soooo cute!

Dinner Ideas​

​1. Heart-shaped sushi?  Follow the recipe from Holly at Hollyshelpings.

2.  Cooking with curls, has 25 Romantic Dinner ideas, all in one.  If you click on the name of the meal, it takes you to the recipe and tutorial.  The food looks scrumptious and better than any quick-take-out meal!

3.  As desserts – try these Strawberry heart mood changers…


Bedtime Ideas

1.  They call it a flirty bedroom game – Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe.  Print the free cards and see how far you get with the game.

2.  Have you heard of a SexBox?  Oh oh, so sex-teresting!  You will have to check this out!

3.  Looking for 8 extreme date night ideas? – The Nest has you covered with some interesting and different ideas.

Valentines Day Spice it up Ideas Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself

​Valentine’s Day Decor

1.  Make It Love It has already prepared a round-up with Inexpensive decor ideas.  You will love what she has sourced for you!  Enjoy making these.

2.  I Heart You!!  What a lovely sign to frame or stick to the fridge!

DIY Ideas

1.  Machine embroidery enthusiasts – Pickle Pie Designs has a Owl Candy In the Hoop design – Off course, it is a must!! In fact, these can be made for all the kiddos. teachers, friends – all the ones you truly want to spoil.

2.  Single embroidery designs are available here.

3.  I love Embroidery Boutique’s designs and a scribble heart applique (free) is maybe just what you had in mind.  You can embroider this on a special gym bag or paper as an embellishment.

4.  Consider writing your Valentine a special message, poem….romantic!!!  Use this gorgeous idea from Favecrafts. Super special!

Valentines day DIY Ideas Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself


1.  The ‘Love Sick’ printable from Under A Cherry Tree is so special and unique.  She also offers SVG designs and lots of tutorials.  This is a have-to-have site if you are into DIY.

2.  Coloring candy sweethearts page – you can use it to wrap a slab of chocolate or add to a gift as a tag too.

3.  You have not seen anything like the sucker from The Cutting Cafe.  This is super-duper-over-the-top-cute!!!  There are many more items for sale and beware, as a DIY addict, this may become addictive!

4.  How do 50 adorable Valentine’s printables sound?  Get the list at Mom Envy.  The gumball machine is my favorite!


Digital messages

1.  In the age of technology, you might consider a digital message during the day – just as a promise to your loved ones…. Check out these awesome messages by Amber from Living Your Creative.

2.  Project Life is an App that allows you to make the most beautiful scrapbooking pages digitally.  Becky Higgins is the lady behind the app and she offers free Valentine’s day downloads for you.  All you have to do, is add the photo!  If you want to see what the pages look like, check out an earlier post here.

3.  Believe it or not, ProFlowers is an app to order and have flowers delivered.  Check it out and make her day!  For more apps to help you out, see here.

More DIY ideas – see what Tattertots and Jello sourced for you!

There you have it, more ideas than you bargained for?

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May your valentine say…..with compliments of See Kate Sew:​

succulent valentine 7 Valentine’s Day – Ideas to make yourself

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  1. Great ideas and nicely organized. I definitely sharing this on my Valentine’s Day Unit Study pinboard.

  2. I love the spice it up section, especially the poem idea..I should totally do that for the hubs! Shared this post with my #tweeps, they are going to love it. Visiting from the #SundayBlogHop.

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