New Year’s Eve Planning

Now that Santa and his reindeer left for the toy factory again, we are looking forward to yet another memorable and lasting celebration….the new beginnings of 2021!

What will a party be without ample planning?

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happy new year New Year’s Eve Planning

New years eve Planning List:

Let’s consider all the essentials to make your new years party a bash:

1. Decide on your budget first – will you be supplying everything or are you going to request guests to bring something (like their own drinks, or meat or whatever);

2. Your guest list;

3. You need a theme or color-scheme and decorations to match the occasion;

4.  Entertainment – music, games etc;

5.  Food & Drinks;

6.  Party Favors;

7.  Other/Extra’s.

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1.  Themes & Decorations

Themes would be either formal or informal, depending on where and with whom you are going to be spending your goodbyes to 2021 2019 2018 and hello’s to 2021 2020 2019.

A formal party evokes the picture of lots of glitz and sparkle – black, gold and silver.  If you want to add a color, opt for a soft hue.

With an informal setting, anything goes!

Are you hosting the party at home or at a venue?  Is it going to be indoors or outdoors?

Add the following to your shopping list:

  • confetti
  • streamers
  • tablecloths
  • balloons
  • lights

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Theme Ideas:

  • Gatsby – glitz, glamour and feathers;
  • Winter Wonderland – with Frozen inspired decor and a nice coffee/hot chocolate bar;
  • Disco – glitter ball, lights and hippy-heels; 
  • Chinese – chopsticks, umbrellas and take-out boxes;
  • Hawaiian – pineapples, cocktails and hula-hoops!

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2.  Entertainment

You’ll be needing the following for your new years entertainment:-

  • Music and a music player of your choice – if you are not familiar with wonderful music app Spotify,  it is available on your mobile or tablet. You can create your own playlist or choose one according to your mood.  On the link provided, you can click on ‘more’ for lots of other Apps available to help you personalize your playlist.
  • Disco lights/balls.
  • Invite entertaining guests, people with charisma and lovely vibes, your party will never be a bore again!
  • Try a karaoke sing-off or a name-that-tune game.  You can even offer the best and worst renditions prizes.

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3.  Food & Drink

  • Plenty of champagne;
  • Lots and lots of ice;
  • It’s best to decide on a menu according to the time of day, your theme and guests;
  • Be responsible for the well-being of your invitees – guests arrive hungry, so give enough snacks and starters to keep them…sober!

Your shopping list:

  • champagne
  • ice
  • snacks and appetizers
  • cups, plates, napkins and cutlery

4.  Party Favors 

Here are a few party favor ideas:

Your shopping list:

  • items required to make the above suggested favors
  • noisemakers
  • confetti poppers
  • 2019 hats
  • sparklers

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5.  Other/Extra’s

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  1. Sounds like you are reading to have an amazing New Year. Going out instead of doing anything at home this year.

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