How to Make an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament to make in a whizz!

As a grandma, it often feels as if I am only feeding hungry birds and not really teaching them skills.

But this project is definitely something that we can do with our kids or grandkids.

And the plus is that you'll be needing the minimum supplies and time!

The glittered ribbon adds a nice finish and no extra finishing is really necessary.

So, let's show you how easy this handmade project is.

Quick Easy and Cheap Christmas Ornament by  How to Make an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

easy diy christmas ornament

more about this quick, cheap and easy christmas ornament to add to your tree or home

what you'll need for your handmade christmas tree ornament
  • Kitchen scourer/scrubber/pot scourer with opening in middle (like a donut)(stainless steel or plastic);
  • Approximately 80" (2m) Glitter Ribbon, 6 to 7/8-inch (you can use wider ribbon but the thinner one will leave openings) I wrapped my ribbon about 32 times around the scourer;
  • Twine, ribbon or embroidery floss to hang the ornament;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue Gun.


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making your easy diy christmas ornament
  • Grab your supplies and plug in your glue gun;
  • Wrap the ribbon around once and secure the end with glue - add a bit of glue to the scourer as well as the ribbon and press firmly (don't burn yourself);
  • Now wrap the ribbon fairly firm around the scourer and ensure that there are no openings in-between;
  • Once you come to the end, cut and fold the end of the ribbon over and add some glue, press firmly;
  • Tie a piece of embroidery floss or twine and you have made your own Christmas ornament.
Quick Cheap and Easy Christmas Tree Ornament for your home decor by  How to Make an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

You can add cute little bells hanging in the middle, or other Christmassy decorations.

I liked mine simple.

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