Embroider a Burp Cloth for a New Arrival, Quick and Special Gift Idea!

One of the 'perks' of becoming and being a grandmother, is the privilege of time and skill to make something unique for a new baby!

If you are not as fortunate, I am hoping that this post will inspire you to make a personalised burp cloth for someone out there!

How to make a personalised burp cloth Pinterest Embroider a Burp Cloth for a New Arrival, Quick and Special Gift Idea!

How to make cute personalised  burp cloths with cloth bias - excellent baby shower gift

Supplies needed:


Embroider the motif with your machine or stitch the store bought motif on one corner of the towel diaper.

In my design, I used the same fabric as the bias for every second letter and matching thread for each.

Make and attach the bias according to this tutorial.  I hand stitched my bias as I did not like the stitching on the bias.  

If you are wondering why I did not use a bias maker in my photo's - I must confess, my craft room is a bit of a mess.  We needed to store extra furniture and I am a bit frustrated with the looks of it at the moment!  There you have it, nothing and nobody are perfect!

How to make fabric bias Embroider a Burp Cloth for a New Arrival, Quick and Special Gift Idea!

Want to spruce up a burp cloth with some matching fabric bias - learn more at www.easyonthetongue.com

The theme for the baby shower was little elephants and because I love embroidering appliques, it was my first choice for this project.

There are just too many machine embroidery designs out there - How do I chose what to embroider on a burp cloth?

Your first consideration will be:

  • Gender
  • Theme of the Nursery
  • Color choices of the Mom-to-be
  • Your available stash
  • Personalised burp cloths are my favorite - if you know the baby's name, add it.  It is always a winner!
  • Monograms
  • Think of what the Mommy and Daddy likes - i.e do they like modern stuff, then black, grey and white can be sure choices
  • If Daddy is a hunter, he will love a camo-type design
  • Cute burp cloth sayings, such as 'Mommy's Shopping Partner' or "I am the apple of my Daddy's eyes!"
  • Anything that looks like a "BABY"

How to make a cute personalised burp cloth white Pinterest Embroider a Burp Cloth for a New Arrival, Quick and Special Gift Idea!

My favorite (I make it for all the showers) is a beautiful Tatty bear design.  It stitches longer than an hour, making it quite an expensive gift!

My daughters prefer the bigger burp cloths especially if the little one is a bit older and makes more of a mess or messes!

Want free embroidery appliques?  

At Adorable Applique, you can register to download a free design each day!

Check out  this post for more Free Machine Embroidery designs.

If you are not a DIY enthusiast or just do not have the time to make something similar, you can order a personalised burp cloth from Nordstrom here.

Please share an image of your burp cloth project - I would love to see what you have made.  You can tag me on Instagram with #easyonthetongue or send me a pic via Pinterest to https://www.pinterest.com/amandane/

If you enjoyed this project, please care to share!

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