Free Tutorials to Create for your Journal

I just love it when I find awesome, free resources for you and I  can't wait to share the free journal tutorials with you today.

The Tutorials include:

  • Microsoft Word tutorial;
  • Illustrator tutorial;
  • Silhouette software tutorial and
  • Exercise sheets
  • Canva tutorial
  • Procreate tutorial

free tutorials for your journal ig Free Tutorials to Create for your Journal

free journal tutorials to help you create awesome stuff!

As a city girl, my cousin grew up believing that milk comes from the diary - not a cow!  It took some convincing to make her understand the process!

To be honest, I almost felt the same when I saw the dotted paper which Life-is-Messy-and-Brilliant created.

And in Word?

Really? That easy?

If you want to create your own planners or dotted paper to exercise on, this tutorial is just for you!

Click here for the link.

If you create hand lettering in the form of quotes or sayings, and you are keen to digitize your designs, click through to this photo, video and text tutorial.

Claire of Heart Handmade UK is an extraordinary woman with loads of talent!

She just started her own Membership program called Pretty Planner Printables Club - read more about it here.

Watch here video teaching you how to make planner stickers using Canva.

Viktoria of Awesome Alice offers a free 30-day challenge to help you discover the fastereasier way to learning brush lettering.

Once you join, you'll receive a free practice sheet each morning.

"You’ll see significant improvements to your lettering over the month", if you commit to the daily exercises.

Join the small brush lettering challenge here.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  I will earn a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. 

brightpad 700x220 Free Tutorials to Create for your Journal

Use Silhouette software to create title/header/category stickers.

This way your planner will look pretty, organised and on top of it, it will be much easier to find previous entries.

Be warned, this Aussie knows her stuff but her teachings are in overdrive!

Holly is one of the teacher I can just watch and watch and totally be inspired by her art!

Her lesson with Procreate and her iPad is the place where magic happens - you will love her!

Create lettering, print and stick it in your journal!

It is not always necessary to opt for a paid product or option!

I know we all have to be money-wise and therefore sharing these free journal tutorials give me so much pleasure!

Please share the love and pin the image below!

free journal tutorials Free Tutorials to Create for your Journal

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