Creatives – why you need to join niche group boards

Actually, my title is wrong, it should read: Bloggers and Creatives, it is imperative to know why you  need to join niche group boards.   

The answer WHY you need to join group boards and more specific niche group boards, is simple:

  • Firstly, since the latest Pinterest changes, mid 2018, generic group boards, should be avoided BUT
  • If such group boards are packed with KEYWORDS and quality pins, and it has a fairly high engagement, why leave?

If you are not familiar what GROUP BOARDS are and what it can do for your pins, here is a short summary - 

  • Group Boards are a collection of ideas and inspiration of specific topics you already love.  I knit and I post about knitting so it makes perfect sense for me to source and join knitting related group boards;
  • It is jam-packed with ideas and inspiration for new post ideas on your own blog (in your own unique voice) or what you should better not do.... it is in short = CREATIVE JUICE!
niche specific pinterest group boards Creatives – why you need to join niche group boards


Let me get you excited about group boards

  • I have 24k Pinterest followers but Claire (more about her below) has 1 million - whatever I share to her group board/s, have the potential to be seen by some of her followers (which is a significant amount of people) + some of mine!!!
  • BUT
  • Add all the other collaborators to that specific group board/s plus their followers and we have a RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!!!
  • Hold on to this thought for a moment...
  1. Remember when you opened your Pinterest account, you chose Interests - e.g. Inspirational Quotes, DIY and Crafts, and maybe Garden (ing)?
  2. You chose those Interests because you blog about it or because it might be one of your hobbies;
  3. What is Pinterest doing with your choices?  It recommends pins and boards related to your Interests every time you refresh your smart feed (your Pinterest landing page).

This blog is hosted by Bluehost and that is why I can recommend their services. 

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The Magic of Niche Group Boards:-

Are you still holding on to that thought?  Let's explore the magic of the niche group boards:

  1. Claire's smart feed (hopefully)
  2. In the smart feed of her followers who chose DIY and Crafts as their Interest
  3.  + in my own smart feed
  4. + the smart feed of my followers with the same Interests.
  • All the pins on the Niche group board, can be easily repinned to my own boards (which saves me time to curate relevant pins).
  • Let's take Crochet as a topic - I have about 6 personal Crochet boards + 3 group boards.  So... any crochet pins (of others) can be shared to more than one of my own boards....widening the scope of the audience.
  • Whenever someone who has not chosen or saved any Crochet pins, searches something 'Crochet' related, Pinterest will for a short while, recommend Crochet related pins to that searcher.
  • Likewise, followers of my Crochet boards or Claire's Crochet Patterns, Tips and Inspiration group board might also have more related boards = more and more repins!
  • Pinterest might also 'recommend' my pin to (other) Pinners with the same Interests, or
  • Recommend one of my Crochet Boards to (other) Pinners with the same Interests.


Don't in a million years think that newbies to Pinterest are a waist of time!

Let me tell you that most of my repins are from pinners with less than 100/1000 followers.  

I encourage you to investigate this yourself.  

What is in the Tribe for me?

Once you become a 'member' of a specific Interest (or Tribe, as some call it), it becomes easier to:-

  1. Network - approaching someone (as in another blogger or a very talented craftster) you have seen around and know you have supported on social media, or ask her for something (like a guest post or access to a group board) is not so out-of-your-comfort-zone as opposed to a total stranger!
  2. You immediately target your ideal audience;
  3. Targeting your audience means growing your own following;
  4. Growing your own following results in more confidence, allowing you to create better post/products.
  5. When you create with confidence, the sky is the limit!

Join my Tailwind Tribe by clicking here -

It is a general tribe and meant to help all bloggers grow their reach.

Tailwind is a life-saver:

  • I schedule my pins out once a week in Tailwind;
  • Add my pins to tribes;
  • Repin pins of tribe members;
  • Check on my pins in the LOOP function;
  • See how my pins send traffic to my blog!
typical results infographic copy pintere Creatives – why you need to join niche group boards

Not a Tailwind subscriber yet? Join Tribes and enjoy a free month (worth $15 if you use my affiliate link).

Find your Tribe:

The best way to become a member of a Niche or Tribe, is to join:-

  • Pinterest Group Boards (Niche)
  • Facebook Groups
  • Tailwind Tribes and
  • Boardbooster Tribes (very new)

More Group Board Tips:

  • When you join a generic group board - make sure the board's description includes all the relevant keywords of pins to be pinned to that specific board.
  • For instance, if a group board has a name like - i.e. "Top Blogs" with a description like - "A group board where bloggers are free to share their pins", either look for a better group board, or ask the group board owner to insert keywords like - "A group board where bloggers share their Blogging; DIY and Crafts; Social Media Tips; Inspirational Quotes; Faith; Self Care ....-type pins."
  • Otherwise....without keywords the chances of the group board showing up in Pinterest search, is very dim.

Let's recap:

  1. Pinterest Group Boards are great!
  2. Targeted Pinterest Group Boards are super awesome!
  3. Join your niche Tribe and become a winner!

Please share on your favorite social media platform & with your peeps!

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  1. Thank you Susan, for joining the Tribe and for your kind words. I have found, for some of my Pinterest clients with a small following, that pinning curated pins to group boards, attributes to your account’s noticeability too…maybe try that (not too much though, one/two a day). Off course, your own pins should be pinned to both your own and group boards.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I love Pinterest and am still trying to improve my strategy. I love Tailwind Tribes and I just joined yours.

    To tell you the truth, I haven’t really joined a lot of Pinterest Groups. I belong to maybe 3 of them. I’ve been focusing on Pinterest for the past 2 months.

    I’ve been learning as much as I can about it and I’ve started noticing that my traffic is starting to increase. These are great tips and if people follow them, I know that they’ll start to see results.

    Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


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