How to Create an Easter Gift Basket

Gift baskets are loaded with special treats - and that is exactly how it should be!

A gift is a treat.

A gift basket is an uber treat!

If you want to give something meaningful, consider making a basket yourself. If you don't know where to start, you can follow the simple instructions below, from choosing the basket to arranging it inside. It is quite simple to do – and a lot of fun.

You just want to present a gift to your recipient that you know he or she will be crazy, mad, happy with.

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Step 1:  

Choose a Theme (Type) of Basket

Remember - there are no rules when you are creating a DIY gift basket!!

The only rule that applies is that you enjoy putting it together so much so, that come next time, you will be the go-to-gift-basket-maker...

The first step to putting together your own gift basket is to decide what type of basket it will be (not the container...). You don’t have to choose a specific theme. Just get a nice basket, gift box, bucket, or whatever container you fancy and fill it with smaller items that your friend or relative would enjoy. 

For example, I want to create Easter baskets for my grandchildren - so it will be 5 diverse types of themed baskets.  I will balance the value and the look, but will consider each one's age, current obsessions, and favorites!

Here are some more tips for choosing a THEME or Type:

Decide on what their needs are

  • Instead of just getting something they want, think about what they truly need.
  • If your mom is a sweet tooth and at the age where she does not really treat herself anymore, you can put together an 'Eat & Treat’ gift basket.  Fill it with things like hot-cross buns, fibre rusks (for regular movement), a tub of hot chocolate or cappuccino sachets, soft fruit chews, a box of easter eggs (for giveaways). You can even include a pair of soft winter (southern hemisphere) socks or a knee blanket.  Don't forget to top it with a bunny!
  • My grandson, Gerhard, has grown so much, he will need new winter clothes. He is Spiderman / Iron Man / Superman in one.  In his basket go Spiderman slippers, pyjamas and socks.
  • If you are heading to the family for Easter, create a basket for the hostess with a little treat for each one in her family and something special for her.

Think about their interest or hobbies

  • If your husband is an avid hunter, then he is probably preparing for the next season, opening in May (we are heading for winter).  Depending on your budget, you can put together a 'Hunters’ gift basket with things like ear protection, a brand new knife, and even camouflage gear. Top it up with his favorite Hunting magazine and bunny!
  • For someone who loves motorbikes, you might create a bike care gift basket with a cleaner, soap, and wax, topped with a ......bunny!

Consider types of items they enjoy

  • Is it coffee or wine?  
  • Is it treats they can keep at work?
  • Is he/she an avid reader?
  • Is there a new movie or game you can treat a little one with?

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Step 2: 

Select a Container

You know what type of gift basket you are going to create, now it is time to select an appropriate container / basket / bucket / gift box / gift bag. 

Once again, there are no rules - If the container can double as a bonus gift, it will be much more suitable. If you want to stack a bunch of clothing, a gift box or bag will not do.

I have found that reusable containers are more popular, i.e. a strong shopping bags!


Step 3: 

Purchase Gifts For the Basket

Now for the fun part – choosing the gifts!

For a good gift basket, you want variety. If you do not know the recipient so well, chances are that with a good variety, there will at least be something he/she likes.

You don’t need to spend a lot on enough items, but it is good to choose several types of gifts that follow the theme and that are varied sizes.

On a personal note: - I would rather buy 4-5 quality products (not necessarily expensive) rather than a whole basket full of stuff I don't even like or eat!

Another tip: -  If someone has allergies, make an effort to buy something that he/she can enjoy!  Special diet stuff is pricey, and it will mean the world to someone if you take their special needs into consideration.

Step 4: 

Arrange the Gifts

There is no right or wrong way to do it. If you are using a bag or anything that closes, then you really don’t need to do anything but put the items inside. Try to put the larger items on the bottom so that when opening it, the recipient sees all the products easily.

If you are using a basket or other open container, you want to layer the items, so having small, medium, and bulky items helps.

Use these tips to arrange our basket:

  • Start with the tallest items first. With a basket, you want to be able to see everything that is included. You really should have the taller and bigger items in back, so that when adding the rest of the items, those taller items can still be seen.
  • Try to make sure every item can be seen. Arranging a gift basket sometimes means trying a few times until you get it right. You can move things around as needed until everything can be seen when someone receives the basket.
  • Line the bottom of the basket. Are you giving something like a towel or small blanket? Use that to line the bottom of the basket. This keeps it out of the way but can still be seen.
  • Keep in mind how you are going to transport the basket.  If you are going to travel quite a distance, I won't pack a paper gift bag at home.  Spend some time on your arrival doing it.  A basket is better to handle and pack but keep this fact in mind when you decide on a liner or filler. 

Step 5: 

Add Filler to the Basket

This is the easy part but gives your gift basket a unique look.

What you are doing with the filler material is filling in any empty spaces, so the basket looks full, and the items remain in their intended position. Most people will use some type of shred, whether you get packaged shredded tissue paper or shred it yourself. You can even cut up shredded wrapping paper that matches the gift basket. Just fill the little holes around items with the filler.

You can also use some of the fillers as the liner, but it is optional.

Step 6: 

Decorate and Wrap the Basket

With a basket, once the items have been added and you have added the filler, you want to wrap the entire basket to help keep all the items in place and make it easy to carry.

Make sure your wrap is a large enough piece of plastic that fits around the basket. Gather the plastic at the top of the basket, twist it, and secure with some ribbon. Tie it in a bow and you’re done with your gift basket!

When you use a different container, jazz your gift up with ribbon or some bunny ears.

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