How to make easy Christmas Paper Ball Decorations

It can not be true!

Only 101 days to Christmas!

I know it feels very far off but before you know it, you will sit with a house full of family and no spare time to make just one special ornament.

So, come and join me, and let’s make some paper balls.  These ornaments are so easy, your little one will be able to help.

 How to make easy Christmas Paper Ball Decorations

What You’ll Need:

Christmas cardstock (double-sided works best) – 12 strips cut into 12 x ½ inch


Crimp beads​

Bead caps – optional​

Eye pins

Jump rings if you want to thread ribbon through

Nose pliers

Side cutter

Small bells – optional​


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 How to make easy Christmas Paper Ball Decorations

How To Make The Paper Balls:

Cut your cardstock into the required strips.

Use a sharp needle and pierce a hole at both ends of the strips, about ​½ inch from the top – as in photo 2 of the image.

Thread a bead cap, bead, and another bead cap through the eye pin.

Now, thread the eye pin through the pierced holes – image 3.

Add a crimp bead, and close it with the pliers. 

Shorten the eye pin with your cutter and bend the end closed.

Repeat the same process on the other end – image 4.

For variation, you can add a small bell inside the ball or hang a teardrop bead at the bottom.

Carefully spread the strips open to form the ball – image 5.

Tie a ribbon or twine to hang it on your Christmas tree.​

 How to make easy Christmas Paper Ball Decorations

Easy Peasy?

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  

Please share the joy with your family and friends too.

 How to make easy Christmas Paper Ball Decorations

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  1. Beautiful tutorial Amanda and you’re spot on, Christmas feels like it’s a long way off, but it’s just around the corner, Yikes!!! How did that happen?

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