How to knit elongated chevron stitch, easy knit-purl pattern

Today I am sharing how to knit elongated chevron stitch pattern, an easy knit and purl stitch pattern.

The knit fabric produced with the reversible pattern, displays V-shaped extensions, forming the chevron patterns. You won’t regret using this pattern for your new project.

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How to knit elongated chevron stitch

Elongated chevron knit stitch pattern is an easy knit stitch suitable for beginner knitters.  Using only a combination of knit and purl stitches, a rib-like chevron fabric is created on a garter stitch background. From the first stitch to the last stitch, the chevron enfolds.

The pattern is reversible and is a 16-row repeat and the number of stitches used are in multiples of 18 + 1.

more about the elongated chevron knit stitch pattern

  • The pattern is reversible, meaning the front of the work matches the back of the work.
  • It is an easy pattern and no special knitting techniques such as yarn overs are required.
  • This elongated pattern creates a simple pattern with a unique texture.
  • The fabric created is soft and stretchy making it suitable for various knitting projects.
  • I’d recommend using a solid color as different colors may bulk up the design too much.


    • Any Yarn of your choice. There are so many different fibers to choose from, you need to consider what your finished product would be first. 
    • bulky yarn will produce a different texture than the one in the image.
    • The sample was knit with Elle Gold DK weight yarn or Light worsted yarn
    • Knitting needle size according to the thickness of your yarn (I used 4mm, 6 US size , 8 UK size)
    • Tapestry needle
    • Scissors
    • Measuring Tape
    • The Pattern

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    Knitting skills required:


    5″ wide (12.5 cm) x 4.3″ long (approximate 11 cm) – 36 sts knit over 32 rows


    With the materials as listed, my gauge is (to obtain a 4″ x 4″):

    28 stitches knit over 28 rows.


    *– * – repeat from *

    co – cast on

    k – knit

    p – purl

    RS – right side

    st  – stitch

    sts – stitches

    Elongated Chevron Knit stitch pattern by  1024x1024 How to knit elongated chevron stitch, easy knit purl pattern



    Assuming you knit with 2 straight needles:

    Co in multiples of 18, plus 1.

    Knit as follows: –

    1st Row (RS) – p1, *[k2, p2] twice, k1, [p2, k2] twice, p1; repeat from* to end.

    2nd Row – k1, *[p2, k2] twice, p1, [k2, p2] twice, k1; repeat from* to end.

    3rd Row – as row 1.

    4th Row – as row 2.

    5th Row – [p2, k2] twice, p3, k2, p2, k2; repeat from* to last 2 sts, p2.

    6th Row – [k2, p2] twice, k3, p2, k2, p2; repeat from* to last 2 sts, k2.

    7th Row – as row 5.

    8th Row – as row 6.

    9th Row – as 2nd row.

    10th Row – as first row.

    11th Row – as 2nd row.

    12th Row – as first row.

    13th Row – as row 6.

    14th Row – as row 5.

    15th Row – as row 6.

    16th Row – as row 5.

    Repeat rows 1 – 16 until your work is the desired length.

    Cast off and weave in ends.


    This new stitch pattern can be used in the following knitting projects:

    • Scarf/Cowl/Wrap
    • Baby blanket
    • Jersey/sweater
    • Ladies Top
    • Cardigan Jacket
    • Hat

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    Still on the fence to use this pattern?

    All I can say is that the elongated knit stitch pattern is a great choice for any knitting project, and it is such a pleasure to knit it out.

    For an entire library of free stitch patterns (on the blog) click on the ‘KNITTING STITCHES’ tab in the menu (top right).

    Whatever you do –


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    Learn to knit elongated chevron stitch an easy knit purl stitch by  512x1024 How to knit elongated chevron stitch, easy knit purl pattern

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