How to Knit Stocking Stitch, a Beginner Knit Stitch

One of the first patterns beginner knitters will learn is how to knit Stocking stitch.

Stocking stitch and Stockinette stitch is one and the same knitting stitch.  It is basically a semantic difference, Stocking stitch being used in the UK and Stockinette in the USA.

Garter stitch knit flat, is created by knitting all stitches, whilst Stocking stitch (knit flat), is created by knitting one row and purling the other.

Stocking or Stockinette Stitch an easy and popular knit stitch pattern with more information about the stitch on  How to Knit Stocking Stitch, a Beginner Knit Stitch

how to knit stocking stitch - aka stockinette knit stitch

materials needed: 

  • Any Yarn of your choice
  • The sample was knit with Elle Gold (DK) yarn/Light worsted yarn
  • Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)

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knitting techniques used:

size / dimensions (approximate):

5.5" wide (14.5 cm) x 5.5" long (approximate 14.5 cm)


With the materials as listed, my gauge is:

22 stitches knit over 30 rows.

skill level:

Easy and suitable for beginner knitters.

You will use the two basic knitting stitches, knit and purl with no additional knitting techniques - these kind of stitches are normally referred to as knit-purl stitches.

more about stocking stitch

Stocking stitch is not reversable.

The right side of your knitting project will feature a prominent 'v' shape and the wrong side a definite 'purl' bump.

The easiest way to remember how to knit stocking stitch is to knit the knit stitches and to purl the purl stitches.


k     - knit

p     - purl

st    - stitch

sts  -  stitches

knitting pattern instructions

stitch PATTERN for stocking aka stockinette stitch:

Assuming you knit with 2 needles, flat:

Cast on 30 sts.

Knit as follows:-

Row 1       - knit

2nd Row  - purl

Repeat these two rows until you have 35 rows (or until your work is the desired length).

Cast off and weave in ends.

how do i knit stocking stitch in the round?

Cast on any number of stitches and join in the round.

Round 1 (right side): knit all stitches

Repeat round 1 until your work measures the desired length.

does stocking stitch always curl?

I am afraid but the answer is - Yes.

Curling is the reason why most stockinette knitting project has a border or ribbing to straighten it out.

For an example of a square with a garter stitch border and stocking stitch centre, click through to Let's Knit a Blanket, square 1 post.

what can i knit in stocking stitch?

The answer is - Anything. But to list the most used knitting projects, you can knit the following using stockinette stitch, in a combination with other stitches or knitting techniques:

  • Scarves/Cowls
  • Hats 
  • Throws
  • Wearable items
  • Home articles
  • Toys

in conclusion:

Knitting relaxes you and whenever you want to do something whilst knitting, stocking stitch is a no-brainer.

Whatever you do - 

Happy knitting!

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