Learn to Knit Hyacinth Stitch, a Lace Stitch Pattern

Learn how to knit Hyacinth stitch and see this beautiful flower enfolds.

Lace knitting patterns all have one thing in common - openwork. Now openwork means just what it says, holes or opening of some sorts in the knitted item. 

You create the openings in your knitting by the use of:

  • 'yarn forward' increases or 
  • elongated stitches which form more of a slit than a hole. Elongated stitches, are created by wrapping the yarn around your stitch, a certain number of times.

The openings in Hyacinth stitch is created by the use of elongated stitches.

Learn to knit hyacinths stitch a delicate openwork knitting pattern on easyonthetongue.com 1 Learn to Knit Hyacinth Stitch, a Lace Stitch Pattern

how to knit hyacinth stitch

materials needed: 

  • Any Yarn of your choice with matching needles
  • The sample was knit with Elle Gold (DK) yarn/Light worsted yarn
  • Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)

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knitting techniques used:

size / dimensions (approximate):

4.5" wide (11.5 cm) x 4.5" long (approximate 11.5 cm)


With the materials as listed, my gauge is:

26 stitches knit over 14 rows (approximate).

skill level:


Though the pattern is not really tricky, purling 5 sts together is not so easy.

more about hyacinth stitch

  • the stitch is not reversable;
  • your first row will be the wrong side of the work. Uneven rows will form the wrong side and even numbers the right side of your knitting;
  • it is a delicate stitch and requires a finer yarn;
  • be sure to use a smooth pair of pointed knitting needles;
  • cast your stitches on and knit as losely as you can;
  • the provisional casting on method is recommended;
  • you can add more stitches on the side to neaten the edges;
  • keep the tension loose.


k:           knit

kpkpk:   knit, purl, knit, purl, knit in the same stitch

p:           purl

p5tog:   purl 5 sts together

RS:        right side

st:          stitch

sts:        stitches

WS:       wrong sides

knitting pattern instructions

stitch PATTERN for hyacinth stitch:

Also known as Hyacinth Blossom Stitch

US terms

Assuming you knit with 2 needles, flat:

Cast on multiples of 6 + 2 (32 sts for this swatch) over 6 rows.

Cast on your required stitches.

Knit as follows:-

Row 1 (WS) - k1, *p5tog, KPKPK into next st*, k1.

2nd Row     - purl

Row 1 (WS) - k1, *KPKPK into next st, p5tog*, k1

Row 4         - purl

Row 5         - knit, winding thread 3 times around the needle for each st (I slip my first st and work the last st in the back loop - and did not wrap the yarn on these 2 sts)

Row 6         - purl 

Repeat these six rows until your work is the desired length.

Cast off and weave in ends.

what can i knit in hyacinth stitch?
  • Scarves/Cowls
  • Shawls
  • Throw edges
  • Wearable items - lovely accented sleeves

in conclusion:

You may knit a few rows to get comfortable with the stitch, but luckily it is a rewarding pattern. 

The Hyacinth knit stitch pattern is an eye-catcher and I'm sure more than one person will compliment you on whatever you've knitted.

Whatever you do - 

Happy knitting!

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