Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Craft quotes describe part of the creative process in a catchy and descriptive manner.

It also pictures the often-funny application of skill, the pure devotion, and the secrets of a well-stocked craft room.

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Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Craft quotes are not inspirational quotes.  No.  It reveals something deeper about creatives, an urge to create, to be creative and to gift the world with a little piece of their heart.

It is the skilled hands of a special kind of person that transform craft supplies into a work of art.

To be creative comes in many an art form. Some write, others paint and most of us just love to make because it soothes our souls.

Craft Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes are from well-known artists.  People who shaped the world with their perspectives, their vision, and words.

Some can say it, 

others can write it

Many paint it, and

The rest of us create with our mediums of choice.


“Creativity takes courage.”

— Henri Matisse

Who could have said it better than the BIG artist Matisse? 

Creative people are often their own enemies:

  • Some are too perfectionist.
  • Another lacks confidence and
  • Most fear criticism.

What is holding you back?


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” 

— Ernest Hemingway   

Hemingway’s experience of his life depicts ours.

To be honest, crochet is an exceptionally good example of how true his words are.

I can crochet, you can crochet.  But are you good at mosaic or filet crochet?  There is always something new to be learned or mastered.


“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.”                                                                                             

– Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Do you agree?

An aspiring actor may doubt his or her decision to act every time an audition doesn’t go as planned (or wished).

​Someone who lacks imagination can still be extremely creative.  Just because he or she is so well in tune with his or her special kind of art, that it comes naturally – if that makes sense.


“Well you can’t teach the poetry, but you can teach the craft.”

-David Hockney

So many claims to have not an inch of creativity in them, but it is just not true.

The best learning process of any kind of craft is the journey to your inside.

Sometimes it requires us to change our way of life or to be a bit compulsive.

Are you ready for deep self-expression?


“Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.” ​

— Leo Tolstoy

Have you ever felt what you created was just a clumsy attempt or a total flop? 

Oftentimes these creations end up being our best work.

There is no right way or wrong way, it has to come from a source of unconditional love.


You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have “

– Maya Angelou

Whether it is your own original ideas or the most interesting work of others, inspiration feeds creative minds.


“Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children.”

  Sylvia Plath

This is one of the wisest quotes I have ever read.

Are you guilty?

The barrenness of human hands is perfection.

The best craftsmanship won’t guarantee immortal craft.


“A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and motions of the artist’s world.”                     

– Hans Hofmann.


 “Your Craft is the only thing you should believe in.”

  – Frank Langella.

To make a decent living, one must believe in yourself and your abilities.


“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

– Mark Twain

100% Agreed.


The great artist is the simplified –  Vincent Van Gogh

Craft Sayings

My soul is fed by crafts

We’re all busy and often don’t have time to be creative.

Yet it is the completion of little tasks, a bit of messiness here and there, a row knit whilst waiting, that kickstarts that FEELING again.

My soul is fed by crafts quote craftquote craftsaying crafters Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Quotes for Yarn Lovers

Knitting is my Jam! 

Knitting relaxes me.  It sometimes frustrates me.  But mostly, it rewards me with hours of creating, and that is as sweet… as jam.

For more knitting inspirations, knit stitch patterns and free patterns, head over to KNITTING here.

Knitting is my Jam quote  Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Knitting takes a lot of balls

Well, ain’t that true? 

If the balls are referring to courage, it is true too (LOL).


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more FUNNY yarn sayings

  • ” I’m creative… you can’t expect me to be neat too!”
  • “Crafting fills my life… and my kitchen, bedroom, cupboards & living room!”
  • “I’m working on my Ph.D. (Projects half done) in Knitting.”
  • “When life throughs you scraps, crochet an afghan.”
  • “Knitting makes me happy. Being happy is good for my health. Therefore, knitting is good for my health.”
  • “When I’m sitting, I’m knitting.”
  • “Sometimes your heart speaks best through your hands.”

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A YARN Funny!

Searching through my yarn stash left me totally surprised and impressed.

I was impressed with my ability to buy yarn – LOADS of it and surprised that I won’t be making any investment at the craft store soon.

I might never buy yarn again Yarn meme to enjoy Quote for yarn lovers on easyonthetongue.com  Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

Never underestimate the power of a woman and her sewing machine!

I wonder how many women, through the ages provided for their families by sewing for others?

Growing up, my mom’s sewist was Aunt Magda.  She made all her clothes and sometimes something for me too.  It was more of a friendship than anything else, an escape to call in at Magda’s.

Do you have a recollection of an aunt, gran or Mom sewing?

If you are supporting your family with your sewing machine, I commend you!

Never underestimate the power of a woman and her sewing machine quote for crafters 1 Craft Quotes, The Funny Sayings and Creative Puns

MORE SEWING FUNNy quotes and puns

  • “Sew now, clean later.”
  • “You know that feeling when you complete all your UFO’s and your sewing room is perfectly tidy? Me neither.”
  • “I consider myself a beginning quilter. I like to begin projects but can’t finish them!”
  • “I am sew happy.”

Creative YARN Puns

  • I’m hooked on you!”
  • “Laughter isn’t the best medicine, knitting is.  It leaves you in stitches.”
  • “Since we work with yarn and sharp objects, wool you just let me knit in peace, please?”
  • “Crocheting keeps me from unravelling.”
  • “It’s crochet o’clock.”
  • “I see you don’t use stitch markers. I too like to live dangerously.”
  • “Hookopotamus.”
  • Procrochetinating. Definition: Working on a new crochet project when you should be vacuuming, cooking, exercising, cleaning, sleeping or doing any other chore relating to actual work.”

Craft Proverbs

“No one masters his craft the first day.” — Roman proverb

“Before undertaking his craft, the artisan first sharpens his tools.” — Chinese proverb    

The artisan must sharpen his tools before starting his work.” – Chinese Proverb.

in conclusion

We share a rare obsession.

One that causes us to be happy, creative, content and with mutual eagerness to share our makes!

Let the world be a better place because of our mess!

Happy Crafting

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  1. I Amanda Nel 🙂 I really love this. Pinned it and tweeted 🙂 It’s easy to come up with excuses but it’s a discipline to choose grace.

  2. I absolutely love this. I’ve pinned it to come back to again and again.

    Grace is something I’ve seen a lot of lately, and I’m grateful for that. It’s also made me more aware when I am NOT granting grace. I need to be more open minded, we all make mistakes, we are human and we don’t know everything. That doesn’t stop us from making decisions, sadly at times. But we aren’t infallible and I need to grant grace. Thanks for the reminder!

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