Crochet A Santa Christmas rug or table runner (free pattern)

Christmas is always full of trees, baubles, and decorations with the tiniest detail. To add color to your holiday decor and front door, bathroom, or table, crochet a Santa Christmas rug.

I mean, why not?

It adds to the wonder and wow, and let’s not forget the pride in displaying our own handmade decor!

Crochet a Santa Christmas rug more free crochet patterns on  1024x1024 Crochet A Santa Christmas rug or table runner (free pattern)





Crochet a Santa Christmas rug

The Santa Christmas rug or mat is an easy crochet pattern, using T-shirt yarn and single crochet (US) or double crochet stitches (UK).

This easy project is ideal for beginner crocheters.

It makes a great gift to be used every year on the dining table, your coffee table or maybe in the privacy of your bathroom. You are most welcome to use the free crochet pattern to make and sell finished items. Please just remember to send me photos and to use #easyonthetongue.


  • YARN – Approximately 1.5kg of T-shirt yarn in white and red. Black yarn for the wording (scrap yarn), and red and white yarn for the pom-pom.
  • HOOK – Hook size for your yarn choice – 8mm, L/11 (US) 0 (UK).
  • ADDITIONAL YARN – Black yarn for the wording (scrap yarn), red and white yarn for the pom-pom and hook sizes matching the yarn thickness.
  • OPTIONAL – Santa beard and hat.
  • EMBROIDERY THREAD – Dark grey or black (optional)
  • NOTIONS – Pom-pom maker, cardstock, or carton and scissors.
  • SOMETHING ELSE – Make-up blusher (for Santa’s cheeks)



Skill level: New crocheters with basic crochet skills, in other words, it is the perfect beginner pattern.

Some hand embroidery methods were used too.

Crochet a Holiday bath mat or rug or use it as a table runner free pattern on Featured Post 1024x1024 Crochet A Santa Christmas rug or table runner (free pattern)


ch – chain

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

slst – slip stitch

st    – stitch

sts – stitches


Hook and tension may differ.

With the listed yarn and hook, the Christmas rug measures 82cm x 48.5cm (32″ x 19″).




The ch1 made at the beginning of each row does not count as the first stitch of the row.


Learn how to:

  • How to chain stitch
  • Slip stitch
  • Making a single crochet (US)
  • Double crochet stitch (UK)

Crochet a Santa Christmas rug (This Holiday Season)


Free pattern

The pattern uses US crochet terms.

In Red – ch30 + 1

1st Row: sc into 2nd chain from the hook, sc into next sc and remaining chains to end, ch1 and turn.

Rows 2 to 5: (in red) sc in every st of row (30 sc), ch1 and turn.

6th Row: sc5 (red), with white yarn sc20, sc5 in red, ch1 and turn.

7th to 59 Rows: same as row 6.

Rows 60 to 64: same as row 2.

Do not bind off yet, with red, slip st in every st around the edges to give it a smooth edge.

Bind off and weave in the ends.


How to add a Christmas feeling to the basic Christmas table runner:

A perfect way to add dimension to your crocheted item is to add some black or dark grey details around the inner edge:


With the right size facing and with double threads, of black or dark grey embroidery thread, start crocheting a line as follows:

Keeping your thread at the back of your rug, insert your hook from the top, catch the yarn and pull through to the top.

Insert the hook in the next stitch and pull through again.

Repeat rows along the sides and wherever you want accents.


I’ve used basic stitches (stem stitch) to embroider Santa’s eyes.

Mark the placement of the eyes with an erasable pen or light pencil.

Again, use double threads of embroidery floss and stem stitch (or back stitch) (video tutorial) to embroidery the outline of the eyes. (or use craft eyes).





I found a store-bought beard in my stash and decided to use it as my Santa’s beard.

With a glue gun or some yarn, secure the beard to the rug.

SANTA’s NOSE, hat and brim – pattern to be released with pdf option

Learn to crochet the fast i-cord as explained in this video by Tuula. Maaria.

In black, crochet as follows:

Vertical lines of the “H” – crochet 12 sts (6);

For the horizontal line of each “H” – crochet 6 sts (3) and

30 sts for the “O”.

Place the letters to fit in one half of the rug and arrange it until you are satisfied. Stitch it to your crocheted item with thread or embroidery thread.


For step-by-step instructions to make a pom-pom, visit this post on the blog.





  • Decide on a color scheme and use accent yarn colors for contrast along the edges.
  • For new projects use a theme based on special occasions and celebrations.
  • Decorate with what you have or add wooden or plastic embellishments if you run short of time.

Add pom-poms or tassels to the corners of your crocheted table runner.

Add pom-poms to the end of the hats (optional). You can also add a craft bell or small Christmas decorations.

Please share on one of your social media accounts and if you are a member of a crochet Facebook group, I’d be delighted!



I am sure you will agree that this is the perfect project, yet a simple design to crochet a festive table runner. Take the length of the table into consideration and add more rows or make 2 or more rugs (depending on the width of your table, you can add or reduce the width of your lovely table runner.

Your holiday table, Christmas dinner table, front door or guest bathroom won’t be dull anymore with a festive touch like the Santa Christmas rug.

Terms of use: If you use the pattern, please share your makes on one of your social media accounts and tag @easyonthetongue.

Please use the pattern to crochet Christmas decor to sell at craft fairs. It will only be my pleasure.

Note that the pattern published on this blog is copyrighted to Amanda @ Easy on the Tongue and may not be reproduced or copied or used as your own.


Crochet a Holiday bath mat or rug or use it as a table runner free pattern on easyonthetongue.com2  Crochet A Santa Christmas rug or table runner (free pattern)

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