Super Cute Snowman Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

Get ready for the Holidays with this Super Cute Snowman Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

Yes, use it for your home decor or to give as a gift to someone special. I hope you like it and use the crochet coat hanger cover pattern to make a few for your friends and family.

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Super Cute Snowman Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

This easy-to-follow free pattern will help you create an adorable snowman hanger cover that will add a touch of whimsy to your home decor. You don’t have to give away everything you make, crochet your own snowman hanger cover today and enjoy the festive spirit all winter long!”

The hanger cover is crocheted in a double crochet stitch (US or treble in the UK), which makes it suitable for any skill-level crocheter. You’ll need less than a ball (skein) of your main color (white) and scraps of the other 3 colors used.


  • A small amount of yarn in red, black, and golden (or deep yellow) and less than a skein of white yarn – I used cotton DK.
  • Crochet hook in size G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook. 3.5mm crochet hook E-4 or 9 (UK).
  • A wooden hanger (crescent-shaped), approximately 16 inches/ 42cm.
  • 10 mm safety eyes.
  • Small black buttons or crochet circles (pattern below).
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Glue Gun to secure the tip.


It does not really matter which yarn you’re using.  The traditional Christmas colors in every country in the world, are red, black, green, and white.  But a modern approach may include pinks, blues, and even black.

You may have some old ‘stock’ from last year, thus using this free crochet pattern, makes it a great stash buster.


Basic crochet stitches and crochet techniques required: 

How to

  • chain stitch (scarf)
  • single crochet (head, nose, and hat)
  • double crochet (rest of the crochet project)
  • Joining with a slip stitch (sl st)


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Just be mindful that you use enough stitches.  

With double-knit yarn, you’ll need between 70 to 75 chains.


Measure the circumference by fitting your chains from the lower end of your hanger to the other.


ch    – chain

dc    – double crochet (UK – treble)

hdc  –  half double crochet (half treble – htr)

sc    – single crochet (UK – dc)

sk    – skip

sl st – slip stitch (US), or

ss    – slip stitch (UK)

st    – stitch

Crochet a Snowman Hanger Cover by easyonthetongue Pin 683x1024 Super Cute Snowman Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

Snowman Crochet Hanger Cover pattern


US terms 

Written Instructions – for hanger cover

With white and 4mm hook:

First Row 1 – ch70  + 2.  In the 3rd chain from your hook, dc, and in every other chain across, ch 2, turn.

Repeat row 1 five more times to have a total of 6 rows of double crochet rows, which measure 17.5″ long and 2.5″ to 3″ wide.

Fasten off but don’t cut your yarn – the instructions to close your cover is below.

Snowman Head

I used a 3.5mm hook size to obtain a finer fabric for the face. You can use a stitch marker in the first st of each round from the second round.

1st Round – With white, make a magic ring and sc 8. Close the round by making a ss into the 1st stitch (sc).  Pull the yarn tail closed (8 sts). 

2nd Round – ch1, 2sc into each stitch across, close the round with a ss into the first sc (16 sts).

3rd Round – ch1, sc into the first st of the round and 2sc into the next stitch. Continue alternating the 1sc and 2sc to the end (24 sts), and close with a ss.

4th Row – ch1, sc in each st around.  Close with a ss (24sts).

5th Row – same as 3rd round (36sts).

6th Row – ch1, sc into the first st of the round and 2sc into the following st. Continue alternating the 1sc and 2sc to the end (54sts), and close with a ss (54sts). 

Fold the circle in half and ss from one end to the other.  You can fill the head with a tiny bit of filler.

Bind off and weave in the ends.

Buttons of your Snowman (make 2)

With a 3.5mm hook and black yarn, make a magic ring and hdc 6. Close the round by making a ss into the first hdc. Pull the yarn tail to close. 

Keep a tail to sew the buttons to the ‘body’ of the Snowman.

Snowman’s Nose 

With a 3.5mm hook and golden yarn make a magic circle and sc 6. Close the round by making a ss into the first sc  Pull the yarn tail to close.

Repeat the first round, 2 more times and bind off, leaving a long tail (long enough) to sew the nose to the head.

If you want a carrot nose, you can use a button, clay, or crochet one.


With a 3.5 mm hook and red yarn, ch50, bind off, and weave in ends.

Make fringes and add them to the ends.

Top Hat

With 4mm hook and black yarn, ch 14 + 1.

1st Row:  In the second ch from the hook, sc, and in each ch across (14sts), ch1 and turn.

2nd Row:  14 sc’s across

3rd and 4th Rows:  Repeat row 2.

5th Row:  slip stitch into the first 3 sts, sc6, ch1 and turn.

6th – 10th Rows:  6sc’s across.

Finish and weave in the ends.


1. Find the central point of your piece of work – from top to bottom and from one side to the other.

2. With the right side facing, slip your crochet cover through the hanger’s hook and ensure that it fits nicely around the edges.

3. Take your working yarn and use slip stitches to join the long edge and one side together. I finished my cover with a picot edge in the following manner:

  • slip stitch to close your first stitch (crochet your sides together); and then
  • slip stitch the next st, ch2, and sl st (ss) into the first of the 2 chains.
  • proceed to the end and ss the one side closed.

4. Use the tail of your starting yarn, to sew the other side closed.

5. Sew the buttons to the middle of the body.

6. Find the middle of the Snowman’s head and slip it through the hook (flat side towards the hanger). Sew it to the hanger cover.

7. Drape the scarf around your Snowman’s neck and make a loose knot.

8. Sew the nose to the head.

9. Insert the eyes or sew them to your snowman.

10. Dip an earbud into your blusher and give your snowman 2 cheeks.

11. Sew the hat to the one side of the snowman’s head.

12. Embellish the hat with a bead and yarn and/or some embroidery,


Cover the hook in slip stitches or macrame knots – work from the bottom, securing the yarn to your work.  Dot a bit of hot glue to the end to ensure that it will not unravel.

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So, have you decided to crochet a happy snowman?

Crochet hanger covers are favorite gifts as it is not readily available, making them unique. This holiday season the Snowman and Santa hanger cover shared in this post will make the perfect gifts.  

The skill level necessary to crochet the crochet coat hangers is from beginner to advanced.  Make my day and share some of your makes on Instagram, tagging @easyonthetongue.

Whatever you do –


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