Give yourself a guilt-free gift this Mother’s Day

The reality of Mother’s Day Gifts

As mommy’s we have to accept the reality that a Mother’s Day gift consists of:

  • a card (or ‘work of art’) that the school teacher so ‘lovingly’ made on behalf of your child;
  • or a gift that you very well know, took daddy no more than five minutes to buy on his way home.

If I think back to my childhood, these are exactly the sort of gifts I gave my mum. Back in the day, one of the retailers used to stock soft teddy bears with scented bellies. I wonder how many teddies with scented bellies my mum received?

Give yourself a guilt free Mothers Day mothers partenting mothersday Give yourself a guilt free gift this Mother’s Day

So, following my own history of Mother’s day gift-giving, it goes without saying that Mom’s are ever so thankful for any honest gesture.

As mothers, we smile and thank our precious kids and husbands for all the effort that they have gone through BUT, deep down

(let’s face it, deep, deep down) 

we know that we deserve much more.

give yourself a guilt-free Mother’s Day gift:

So here is a Mother’s Day challenge for you:

  • Accept yourself as a mommy with all your amazing strengths (I know, I know, you have many!)
  • be honest with yourself about your flaws (if you have (blink-blink). 
  • Take time out of your daily routine (even if it is 10 minutes) to sit down and reflect on your life, your emotions.
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We as women, find it hard to deal with our emotions. (I am not talking about the tears you shed while watching ‘The Notebook’).

No. Raw emotions:

The ache that causes us to constantly shut down our opinions and hide our true feelings from our loved ones.

You know why?

One word = guilt.

  • We don’t want to upset the family;
  • Don’t want to cause a scene;
  • Who wants a weak mummy?
  • I am not good enough.
  • I can’t cook, sew, knit, do gardening like So-And-So…


Today is exactly three days before Mother’s Day and I want to tell you (as one sleep deprived mummy with fresh battle scars from my caesarian section to the next) – You are enough!

You are enough as a mother as a wife, girlfriend, daughter…whatever your title!

And in three days time, I very well know that the teddy bear I spoke of earlier will be smiling at me from my dressing table.

My Gift to MYSELF!

With this in mind, I have decided to make this Mother’s Day special for myself.

Join me and take a well deserved 30 minute break on Mother’s Day:-

I have set my mind to work through my children’s baby pictures, old cards and old Facebook posts.

See, when I reminisce over these things, it feels like I re-live a time in my life where I had an ‘ahhhhh’ moment.

A moment where I felt that I was enough,

where the world seemed like a perfect place

and all was well…

And to my mom, I can say as I am writing this, I am looking at your Mother’s Day gift standing next to me on the table and smiling. Because this one, I know you will like.

Give yourself a guilt free gift this Mothers Day FB 1 Give yourself a guilt free gift this Mother’s Day

I have chosen the photo above as one of my ‘ahhhhh’ moments…


The beautiful story of God’s grace, mercy and love that I experienced during my pregnancy with Chené inspired me to share a piece of my life with you.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls. Megan, my eldest was born in August 2013, a mere 16 months after we said our I-do’s.

(By the way, where is the secret ‘recipe’ that I thought I was going to receive on exactly how babies are made?).​

And then our warrior princess, Chené was born in March 2017.​

Being a mommy to a new baby girl, means that I am one of those humans walking around with only 8 manicured toe nails and hair constantly tied up in a bun. And for the first few weeks of adjusting to life with the newborn you find yourself constantly in fight- or flight mode.

A place where it is acceptable to look more like the moms you see on TV sitcoms like Mom, as opposed to those you find on Desperate Housewives.

Nobody looks like that by the way!​

I can go on and on and on about the past nine weeks of my life. In short, I have survived! I have survived the first few really tough nights where two hour of sleep a night was a luxury and don’t forget those nipple shields that I considered more important in my life than sugar (For a choc’aholic that is a lot to say).​

And as the hours of each day ticked by I started to settle into the role of a being a mommy of two.

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