What my Granchildren have taught me about life

I arrived at work the other day and was greeted by my boss:

"Your shoulder is full of s...n....o...t!"


Oops...I said and nonchalantly wiped it off.

Before I became a grandmother, I would have died of shame!

What my grandchildren taught me about life a view on becoming a grandparent at httpeasyonthetongue.comgranchildren taught life What my Granchildren have taught me about life

I was totaly unprepared for my new role as - GRANDMA.

But, from the first moment I laid eyes on each one of them, I was a changed person. 


Grandma in overdrive!

What possibly struck me most, was the intensity of the feelings I had for these little miracles. So pure and so perfect.

Blessed is he or her who can call themselves a grandparent for they can impact on a life today.  

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I re-lived my children's childhood.  

All of a sudden, my role changed.  I was not the 24/7-mom-on-call anymore, I got to choose the what, when and where!

And that is where the true blessing comes in, spelt T.I.M.E.

TIME to play, to cuddle, to listen and to spoil.

My grandchildren have taught me:

  • You have to be fit to be a grandparent! Seriously, when last did you carry 10+ kilogramme just for fun?
  • You have to watch Animation channels again and again and again.
  • After you have learned who Princess Sophia, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Dory are, you buy all the books, sticker, t-shirts, shoes and whatever can take a picture, featuring these characters!
  • You are not allowed to say 'No' - you may, but in a very polite way.
  • Keep your cupboards stocked with sweets, cookies and drinks.  All of these are FOOD.
  • Try not to visit their house too often.  Are you wondering 'Why'?  Have you ever driven away from a 3-year-old crying her heart out in front of the neighbourhood?
  • Do you still know all the rhymes and songs of your childhood?  If not, take a crash-course.  Also, skim through the latest movies and characters.  You may want to know who Officer Judy Hopps is.

  • Try not to go shopping with them. You will end up broke and exhausted!
  • If you have to go to a restaurant with them, get a seat in the middle - otherwise you will end up in the playpen!
  • Know all the WHY's.

The list is actually endless!

Do you have anything to add?

Share your love with us in the comments sections below.  

Grandparents are not humble!

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