A year in perspective and what you can learn from it

At the end of a year...people start making:

plans - for the future, or

excuses - for the past...


most...just go with the flow...

Review your year and learn from the past. newyearsplans newyearsresolutions A year in perspective and what you can learn from it

Here is my honest take on the PAST year, and I am hoping that you will learn some valuable lessons from it:-



  1. With all your might.
  2. Love God.
  3. Love your husband/wife, regardless.
  4. Love your children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren. 
  5. Love your parents. 
  6. Love your neighbor. 
  7. Love your pets.
  8. Love all.


  1. Sin.
  2. Evil.
  3. Hate it when you allow people to take advantage of you.
  4. Injustice.
  5. Poverty.
  6. Broken families.
  7. Selfishness.
  8. Pride.


Say I love you every time every day love A year in perspective and what you can learn from it
  1. Guard your tongue.
  2. Do more than they/he/she expect/s from you.
  3. Spoil with something small.
  4. Say 'I love you' every time, every day.
  5. Hug.
  6. Care.
  7. Call.
  8. Listen.


  1. Are miracles, gifts and blessings.
  2. Watch you more than you can ever imagine.
  3. Should be allowed to develop their own personalities.
  4. Should be allowed to be children.
  5. Give advise kindly.
  6. Don't nag them.
  7. Give compliments.
  8. Be interested in their world.
  9. Grow up, leave the house and build their own families.


  1. Grow old and have strange mannerisms.
  2. Are not always right.
  3. Have their own struggles.
  4. Want the same success for all their children.
  5. Think they can say what they want.
  6. Want peace and quiet.
  7. Don't appreciate criticism from their grown children.
  8. Don't always listen to you.
  9. Can't wait for you to finish talking because she wants to share her story!
  10. Listen to their advise, they've been there.


  1. You have only one life - live it! (don't know who said it - but it gets a loud 'AMEN' from me!).
  2. Don't do onto others....
  3. Die with memories, not dreams.
  4. You, and only you, are responsible for your own fate, happiness.
  5. You are never too old to start something new.
  6. Is a constant struggle, armor yourself.
  7. Accept nothing for granted.
  8. Find something to be grateful for, each day.
  9. Don't judge.
  10. Motivate yourself.
  11. Don't fix a 'wrong', with another 'wrong'.


  1. You are responsible for your own health - cherish it.
  2. Too much of anything, is not good.
  3. You are born with eg, one skin, look after it.
  4. Protect your health as you would the most precious jewel.
  5. Start by drinking water.
  6. If you hate exercise, do a few stretches each day and climb some stairs.
  7. If you overindulge, do it one or two times a week, only.
  8. Listen to your body.


  1. Hard work does not always equal lots of pay.
  2. Be money-wise.
  3. Make your money work for you.
  4. Start saving for your retirement from your first pay check.
  5. Don't waste your money on clutter.
  6. Don't entertain your friends at your own cost, each and every time.  When your money is gone, they are too.
  7. Plan well, spend wise.


  1. Know where you are going.
  2. Create a life plan.
  3. Remember, it is still not in your hands.
  4. Things don't always go as planned.
  5. Have faith, hope.
  6. Don't remind yourself of all the bad by looking back all the time.
  7. Move on.


  1. Learn from it.
  2. Don't repeat the same mistakes.
  3. Is gone.
  4. Forgive yourself or anyone who may have hurt you.
  5. Create memories.
  6. Try to understand.
  7. Look at it from another angle.
  8. Don't make excuses.
  9. Take responsibility for your actions.
  10. If you don't make mistakes, you will never learn something new.


  1. Follow your heart.
  2. Be passionate.
  3. Give it your all.
  4. Leave the office behind.
  5. Focus.
  6. You will not always get it right.
  7. You will not always be right.
  8. Be prepared.


Faith is your anchor A year in perspective and what you can learn from it
  1. Faith is your anchor.
  2. You are the vessel.
  3. Prayer is your steering wheel.
  4. The Bible is your compass.
  5. The people around you are your crew.
  6. The ocean is life.
  7. Events are the weather patterns.
  8. The Holy Ghost is your kill-switch
  9. The habour, is God.
A year in perspective and what you can learn from it read the whole list on www.easyonthetongue.com  A year in perspective and what you can learn from it

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  1. Hello, you sound like a very wise woman! I do take time to reflect each year and throughout the year. i love the idea of planning my own life and not leaving a great life to chance. Nice to meet you at the new midlife link up.

  2. Thanks for your visit and kind words Sue! You will totally understand when I say, grandchildren renewed my life…in so many ways. I am glad you spent quality time with your little boy and I know that you will be such a pivotal part of his life going forward. The next phase for you will be to attend his sport and cheer him on..what a blessing!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #MSTL link up. I loved the depth of your post and in particular points such as ‘You only have one life – live it!’ and ‘Children should be able to develop their own personalities. I have minded my grandson each Wednesday for almost 4 years an I love how he has his own personality. I have learned so much from him and will miss my weekly visits as he attends kindy 5 days per week. You have covered every aspect of life and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  4. Wow! You’ve covered absolutely everything here! I particularly like the ones under your LIFE heading but they all have a lot of practical tips and reminders. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared your post on my social media. x

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