101 I LOVE YOU Notes in a Jar

I LOVE YOU.... and I am giving you 101 I LOVE YOU notes in a jar to profess it to you...

You want to make something special for the SO (Significant Other) in your life...but:

  • you're not great at thinking outside the box, or
  • what's he going to think of some juicy notes?
  • and where are you going to get 101 NOTE-ideas?

You don't have to be a creative ninja to make this jar, no...just fill a jar with the notes below, it's quick, easy and cheap and the consequences my dear... 

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DIY Inspiration for a quick easy and cheap gift for someone very special 101 I LOVE YOU Notes to put in a jar www.easyonthetongue.com  101 I LOVE YOU Notes in a Jar



You are my best friend

God spoilt me with you

You make me smile

I know you complete me

I feel safe with you

Is it wrong to dream of growing old with you?

I love the smell of you 

You're worth melting for

You understand my love language

I want to kiss you endlessly

You talk to me without words

I can't get enough of you

Your arms feel like home

You love me too

I want to be naughty with you 

You make me feel loved

I miss you when you're not around

You're my favourite place to go to

I still get butterflies even though I've seen you a thousand time

I am wearing the smile you gave me

Inspiration Quote I am wearing the smile you gave me 1 101 I LOVE YOU Notes in a Jar

and I love you because:

  • You're my happily ever after
  • I want you to be in my love forever
  • You love me even though I am not perfect
  • I want to wake up with you every morning
  • You love me for who I am
  • I have found the one whom my soul loves
  • You're limited edition
  • of...the way you look at me
  • You care about me
  • I want to be naughty with you for the rest of my life
  • You are the light in my life
  • I could watch you doing nothing and never get bored
  • You make me feel perfect
  • I know you listen
  • You make me talk
  • I can share all my secrets with you
  • You pray for me
  • You gave me my beloved daughters
  • I still fall for you each and every day
  • You make me happy in a way no one else can
  • You're not perfect but I am OK with it
  • You make my knees weak
  • I discover new things about you every day
  • You don't judge me
  • I won't give up on you
  • You will fight for me
  • Every piece of me aches for you
  • You won't give up on me
  • I am addicted to you
  • You are all I have ever wanted
  • I can be me around you
  • You're worth it
  • You never make me feel alone
  • God knew my heart needed you
  • Every moment with you matters
  • You are amazing

You are amazing love affirmations to add to your love notes in a jar. Get all the suggested notes in this post on easyonthetongue.com  101 I LOVE YOU Notes in a Jar



Remember why I love you?  It's because:

  • I want us
  • You make me fight for the fairytale
  • None of your scars could make me love you less
  • You are my prince charming
  • ..of the way you touch me without your hands
  • You respect me
  • I am glad when you call
  • and I miss you when you don't call
  • You love my family
  • With you, I am my most beautiful self
  • You let sunshine into my life
  • I want to make your bad days better
  • You demolished the walls around me
  • It's not hard work loving you
  • You need me...
  • ...of a million tiny little things...
  • You have a place in my heart no one else could ever have
  • our love lasts...
  • You loved me enough to spent the rest of your life with me
  • I am your choice
  • You give me direction
  • ....you are my dream come true
  • You helped me unpack my baggage
  • We share a quiet confidence between each other
  • You are the risk I will always take
  • Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies..Aristotle
  • You are my lover
  • The best is yet to come
  • You have a beautiful soul
  • My happiness matters to you
  • You're my spark in the dark
  • ...Are all I need
  • You are interested in what is going on in my head!
  • We are one...
  • You are my hero
  • I want us to be everything we are supposed to be
  • You are soft with me, even though you're strong
  • I can count on you
  • An invisible thread connects us
  • I vow to still grab your butt, even when you're old and wrinkly!
  • Your love is a commitment to protect my heart with the same passion you use to guard yours
  • You are willing to forgive
  • We share the same umbrella and survive the storms together
  • You pray for our protection, love and health each and every day.

You are Limited Edition love quotes and affirmations 101 I LOVE YOU Notes in a Jar

How to make the heart notes:

Create heart shaped paper cut-outs with your punch, or

if you don't have any of the supplies, just cut heart shapes with your scissors. 

Who says it should be heart shapes...you can even cut out some letters from a magazine or something!

Cut an old t-shirt in strips and wind it around the lid - with a rose from the garden maybe...

If you are really new to this - this is what you'll need:

Cardstock or cut-outs, like here

Sharpie pens (the fine tips work better) or any decorative pens

Heart Punch

Double-sided tape



Scraps of fabric or Felt

Nice Jar - you may not take on a too big a jar...because you will end up with 1001 notes (hint-hint)!

in conclusion

To Love and be Loved is one of the great commandments and most enjoyable experiences in life.

It is hard work though.

The secret is to never give up.

Love with all your heart!

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