Fun and Free Resources when stuck at home to enjoy with your Family

Who said quarantine and social seperation should be boring?  Check out the list of fun and free resources when stuck at home and make every minute and memory count.

We hopefully will not have a repeat.

The aim is to give you hope, to help you restore your health and wellness in general, to learn a skill and to enjoy this opportunity of time with your loved ones. But most of all, it's also a wonderful time to reflect on and reconnect with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have also compiled a post with Free Resources when stuck to work from home.  Read it here.

Fun and Free things to do as a family familyfun freeresources stuckathome 1 Fun and Free Resources when stuck at home to enjoy with your Family

Each idea has been hyperlinked that will open a new tab and take you to the appropriate site/s:

Some of the offers have a time restriction to it and may not be available indefinitely.

This list is growing, so come back again to see what has been added. If you have a useful resource, please email me the URL with FREE RESOURCES in the subject line.

Amazon is offering free kids shows - free without Amazon membership.  Use this link to be taken to the available stories.

Some of the links shared in this post may include affiliate details.  If you make any additional purchases, it may result in me earning a small commission.

free and fun resources  when stuck at home to enjoy with your family

faith based messages

  • Another online church service offered by CRC - the You Tube channel goes under the name of the Pastor, At Boshoff.
  • Vibrant Christian Living offers podcasts with solid advice:

    Ep 22: How to Change Your Perspective & Change Your     Life;

    Ep 37: Finding Endurance for Those New + Scary Places;

    Ep 21: How to Find Hope During Hard Times.

In the Secret Place of Your Presence You hide them from the plots of men Ps31 20 Fun and Free Resources when stuck at home to enjoy with your Family

health & wellness

  • Starting Monday the 30th March 2020, you can watch FREE daily fitness routines and health tips to maintain productivity and focus during these times by Dina of Body Balance Method here. 

keeping your children busy with crafts and learning activities

  • Fluency and Fitness offers 21 days of free access to their portal of math and reading resources. Loads of videos and learning resources available.  "Incorporating learning and movement, while keeping your child engaged and having fun".

Kids Crafts Other Free Resources to do as a family familyfun freeresources stuckathome Fun and Free Resources when stuck at home to enjoy with your Family


Digital Trends offers loads of links and articles to ways technology can assist with Education in isolation.

One of the topics that caught my eye was:  

How to use Netflix party and stream movies and TV with your friends - find out how, in this post.

kids learning apps

    I love their message - "Your kid is too smart to spend        all day watching You Tube"!

watch, listen and learn with your children 

  • Khan Academy offers free learning to everyone around the globe.

free crochet patterns

take up sewing or learn how to sew

  • The National Sewing Circle has been so generous.  For $1 you can sign up for a full year of premium membership to their site.  For this, you will get access to the best instructional sewing videos, projects and tips with 24/7 access to their sewing experts.  Who can refuse?

free knitting Masterclass-series

Françoise Aroha Danoy from Aroha Knits / Yarn Alchemist/ Swatch Studio Circle offers the following masterclasses: 

Topics included in her free training series are:

  • How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals with Chelsea Fitch
  • Submitting to and Working with Magazines with Kara Wagner
  • Introduction to Grading with Rachel Barish
  • Setting Yourself Up for Successful Collaborations
  • Mastering Your iPhone Camera to Take Photos for IG

And as a bonus, she's tossed in another masterclass, the 6-Step Framework to Creating Publish-Worthy Patterns in there so you can get a kick start on knitwear design if you so desired! 

This is an incredible resource and you can sign up for it here: AROHA KNITS MASTERCLASS-SERIES

free knitting classes and techniques

Knitversity offers 60 days of free access to some of their classes (offered until end of April)

"Use this time to try out new techniques and level up your skills. With more than 40 knitting and crochet classes there's plenty to keep you busy. 100% FREE - No Credit Card Required!"

On top of that, you can enrol at a discounted price of $19 for an extended period.

 free online classes

  • Bluprint, formerly Craftsy offers all their classes discounted at the moment.  You can enrol for as low as $7.99 per month or 50% off their annual subscription.  With a wide spread of categories, you are sure to find something interesting to learn.  
  • Creative Live offers free weekly classes on different topics.  Check it out here. The is over and above their free streaming of all Wellness classes at the moment.
  • Brit & co's is still offering a few free classes but you'll have to search for it.

   Some of the classes are also heavily discounted.


It is a trying time for all of us.

But you, as the caretaker of your family, have the ability to make it as FUN and EASY for your loved ones.  

Little effort with great results, YOU'VE GOT THIS!

May GOD protect and save us all!

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