Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift

Today I am sharing mini quiet book pattern pages with you.

Search the term 'quiet books' in any platform, and you will be greeted with the most adorable, intricate books and pages imaginable!

Fast forward your own skills - and you might be thinking, too much for me...

Exactly my thinking too.

That's why I created the mini-quiet book and let me tell you, it is not as smart or creative, but I made it myself. There is not a single quiet book out there, looking 100% like mine.

And you can make one too - the pages are easy and quick to make, depending on the final touches you're wanting to add to it.

Even if I want to make one of the smarter one's, I just don't have the time at the moment.  Rather done than perfect! Right?!

Quiet books are almost like a journal combined with a scrapbook page and on top of that, a creative mind that does not know when to stop.

One thing is for sure - very few children will be gifted with handmade mini or quiet books.

Who said you have to sew or hand stitch it - use glue!

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Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern to make the perfect gift quietbook quietbookpattern miniquietbook sensorypages activitybook toddlerbook 1 Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift

What you'll need to make the mini quiet book:

Craft/Wool or Stiff Felt for the 4" x 4" pages

Contrasting fabric 

Scraps of felt and fabric for the pattern pieces

Scrap of vinyl 

An assortment of ribbon 3/8" for the sun's rays (different textures)

Some beads for the ribbon

Thicker ribbon for the loops (optional)

Plastic Teething Ring

Pinking shears

Scraps of velcro

Thread in colors to match your pattern pieces


Sewing machine (optional)

Pattern in pdf - download and print on A4 page.  Do not adjust the scaling.


You can sew the mini quiet book by hand with back stitches and a combination of embroidery stitches


straight stitches with your sewing machine


however you decide to tackle this project.

Some of the links are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make any purchase.  If you do, thank you so much!

Cutting the mini quiet book pattern pieces :

1.  Cut different colored pieces of felt - 4" x 4",  these are for the backings (if you are using pinking shears, you'll need to cut your original page about half an inch bigger).  

2.  Cut contrasting colored fabric/felt square pieces  to fit the inside of the background square. 

3.  Cut the pattern pieces from felt or fabric.

4.  It is your choice if you want to cut the edges of the pattern pieces with your pinking shears, if not, you'll need to use some 'stop fray';  HeatnBond Iron-on adhesive, or iron on.

How to sew the separate mini quiet book pattern pages :

1.  Use the inside edge of your presser foot as a guide to stitch close to the edge - an 1/8" seam.

2.  In my images you'll notice that I used white thread - it is just to make it more visible.  Use color thread matching your fabric for your top stitching.  I stuck with white in my bobbin.

3.  Cut your ribbon for the loop first.  I cut mine 6" but it seems a bit too long though.  Try 4" or 5" instead.

4.  Place the ribbon onto the background felt, in the left upper corner and place the fabric or felt square on top of it. Allow 1" - 1 ¼" of the ribbon to extend from the corner of the fabric or felt square.

5.  Pin in place or stick it in place with a piece of tape.

6.  Sew the inner fabric or felt square to the background felt with a machine stitch or hand embroidery stitch.  You'll be stitching very close to the edge as you don't want your pieces to lift too much. 

7.  Secure the ribbon by stitching back and forth over it. 

8.  Apply stop fray/fray check or iron-on adhesive to the fabric, alternatively use your pinking shears.


Follow the instruction for the background and top square above.

1.  Cut 2 extra triangles in each color - you'll have 3 triangles in each color.

2.  Cut 2 x 6" ribbons.

3.  Arrange your pattern pieces onto the fabric square with one end of your ribbon tucked  ½" underneath your 'bottom' triangles - see image below.

4.  Pin in place.

5.  Sew your pattern pieces to the square.

6.  Mark the placement of the velcro on the triangles and sew it in place.

7.  Take the second and third triangles and tuck ½" of the second end of the ribbon between the layers.  Sew around the triangles, catching the ribbon in the stitching. Sew back and forth over the ribbon to secure it.

8.  Match the velcro to the bottom triangles' and stitch it to the bottom of the layered triangles - see image below.

9.  Add buttons to your image if you are sure it won't be a choking hazard.

Mini Quiet Book Pattern for Boat quietbook minipages freepattern crafts kidscrafts handmadebook Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift

Make the cloud and umbrella mini quiet book page

Follow the instruction for the background and top square.

1.  Position the umbrella and cloud on the square, ensuring you allow enough space for the felt flap (to play peek-a-boo!).

2.  Sew the cloud and umbrella pieces to the square.

3.  Follow the pattern and position the felt flap just above the umbrella.  Sew to the square.

4.  Add some touches to the flap to grab attention to it - sew snaps on the inside of the flap and on the background/square to add some interesting interaction.

Mini Quiet Book Pattern for Cloud Umbrella quietbook minipages freepattern crafts kidscrafts handmadebook 1 Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift

SUNNY SIDE UP mini quiet book page

Follow the instruction for the background and top square.

1.  Cut 8 x 3" long 3/8" wide ribbon pieces for the loops, or as many as you desire.

2.  Mark the outline of the sun on the fabric square.  

3. Fold ribbon pieces in half and arrange evenly around the circle (tape or pin in place), with raw edges of ribbon ½" inside the sun's circle.

4. Place sun fabric on top of the ribbon, right side facing up and sew in place - going back and forth over each ribbon end to secure it. (you don't have to..but mark my words, there will be a pull-test!)

5. You can substitute some of the ribbon with cord and add some beads to it.  The beads will be on the loop of the cord and should be safe.

6. Hand embroider a happy face or leave it as is.

HAPPY WHALE mini quiet book page

Follow the instruction for the background and top square.

1.  Cut the extra whale tail from vinyl.

2. Position the pattern pieces on the fabric square and pin in place.

3. Sew the whale to the fabric square, close to the edge, except the tail area.

4. Tuck the vinyl tail piece underneath the 'top tail' and sew the rest of the tail to the fabric square - allowing the 'top tail' to lift up and down.

5. Use the pattern to finish the lovely face.

6. I tried to glue some craft eyes on the whale but it did not pass the test!

How to create quiet books with awesome ITH Designs Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift
How to make quiet books 1 Free Mini Quiet Book Pattern for you to Make the Perfect Gift

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