Where to Find Free Knitting Patterns and Support

Free knitting patterns are everywhere, but sometimes, you can get kind of overwhelmed with it all.  You land on a site and don’t know where to go or where to find the stuff everyone is raving about.

If you are like me, you want the patterns organized in categories and to find it with the minimum effort (note to self – practice what you preach!).

In this post, I am sharing 15+ sites that offer free knitting patterns. Now, some are ridiciously stocked with free patterns, but you can navigate your way through easily.

I’m hoping that you will find a hidden gem blog – one that you have not visited before and who creates exactly what you’ve envisioned making.

Get free knitting patterns here get the list on easyonthetongue.com  Where to Find Free Knitting Patterns and Support



In their own words:  “This website is dedicated to the art of knitting and crochet. On our pages, you will find knitting and crochet patterns — all of them absolutely free. We also have free knitting lessons and tutorials, as well as pictures of finished works and project ideas.”

You can even share your knitting or crochet patterns with them. Go ahead, join today.

ALL FREE knitting

All FreeKnitting  is everything knitting in one place!  

  • Sign up for their newsletter;
  • Check their “Pattern of the Day” calendar;
  • Save the patterns that you love in your own directory;
  • Learn to knit in the Tutorials section or
  • Head to their online store.  

Video tutorials available!  

If you have time, you won’t need to look elsewhere for knitting patterns (and that is the hones truth).


Berroco offers a vast selection of yarn as well as free and paid patterns and video tutorials. 

It is a site well worth visiting full of the latest knitting trends.


Classic Elite Yarns are offering a lot of free patterns!

The patterns are stored in ‘issues’ and you’ll need to search what you are looking for.

Have fun creating as many items as you have time for in your lifetime.

easy on the tongue

Don’t judge me, but if I do not include my site, you may not know that this lady is also knitting!

I am building a library of knitting stitches and also has a selection of knitting square patterns available for you.

There are also free pdf patterns in the Resource Library available to my loyal subsribers (and you can become one too – check out the sign up form to the right.  I won’t bore you with too many or long newsletters).



“Find hundreds of free knitting projects, free knitting patterns, knitting videos, knitting tutorials, and knitting tips for beginners and experienced knitters. Step-by-step knitting instructions” an more on Favecrafts.

Subscribe to the newsletter to receive regular emails with the latest patterns on their site.

in the loop knitting

Terry Matz is the owner of this site.  What she does is compile round-ups of knitting patterns, eg. 16 Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns, 15+ Easy Shawl Knitting Patterns etc.

Her business is to find knitting patterns and combine it in a post.  

Regardless of other opinions, to me, her posts are handy and I have found many a new site because of her.  With over 10 million Pinterest followers, I’d love for In the Loop Knitting to share my stuff!


Lion Brand offers crochet and knit patterns in different categories on their website. 

I have visited this site for years now and I especially love their throw and baby patterns.

LOVE crafts 

Love Crafts is a marketplace for all different kinds of crafts, inlcuding pattern designers, bloggers and other creatives to sell their patterns.

But, there are also a vast list of free patterns up for grabs.

You will find from a Debbie Bliss cross-over to tiny doughnuts!

mama in a stitch

Jessica of Mama in a Stitch lives on a farm and her patterns are as fresh as the air she breathes.

Her designs are clean, crisp and I just love everything that she makes.

If you want something different, give Mama in a Stitch a visit, you will not be dissapointed.


Tammy of Posh Patterns is a crochet and knitwear designer and though she sells her patterns, she offers quite a lot for free.

If you’re particularly looking for free scarf or hat patterns (including for babies), you are sure to find some on her blog.


Ravelry is a pattern vault for knitters and crocheters with paid and free options.

Register as a new user and after you have verified your account, click on the ‘Patterns’ tab.

Choose the ‘Knitting’ option and type ‘free’ in the search bar.  An unbelievable amount of 150k free knitting patterns pop up!

I don’t think anyone of us will live long enough to use even a tenth of the patterns.

purl soho

When I discovered blogs and Pinterest back in the day, one of the first sites that blew my mind away, was Purl Soho.  

I adored everything that she made, printed the patterns and dreamed of all the projects I would make.  To this day, I am still one of her biggest fans.

Find her free patterns underneath the search bar on the right.

studio knit

Talk about an organized blog!

Kristin nailed it in terms of accessibility of her knitting stitch patterns and knitting project patterns.  

What makes the user experience even more enjoyable, is that you can print the patterns from the page.

Visit Studio Knit today for the knitting time of your life!


Yarnspirations offers not only knitting patterns, but also crochet and sewing patterns (including quilting) as well.

Scroll down to the very bottom of their page and click on Round Ups under the Inspiration heading.

My oh my…there is a treasure trove of patterns.  Be sure to bookmark Yarnspirations.


Today I signed up to onyarnie.com and received a Fair Isle beanie knitting patterns, a slouchy sweater crochet pattern and an elegant scrunchie sewing pattern!  And the best of it all – totally free! 

Is there a catch?

Nope, it is simply a mailing list, to received free patterns every second week.

Who can resist it? 

I’m sorry, I am a pattern hoarder and I love looking at different ideas, angles and inspiration.

Sign up:  onyarnie.com

In conclusion, knitting is an art, craft, exercise and inner peace solver.

Let’s preserve knitting and pass it on to whomever wants to get hooked!

Find links to free knitting patterns in this post. freeknittingpatterns freeknitting knittingpatterns Where to Find Free Knitting Patterns and Support

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