How to Knit Garter Stitch, a Beginner Knit Pattern

Have you ever wondered how to knit garter stitch?  Or like some patterns refer to as 'work in garter stitch'.

Garter Stitch is the stitch pattern used to create fabric or a knitted piece by knitting every row back and forth on two needles.

So is there another way to knit garter stitch?

Yes, there are two more ways actually.

Garter stitch is also created when:
  • Knitting in the round:  

         1st row - knit and

         2nd row - purl

  • Purling every row creates garter stitch (which creates a slightly bigger garter stitch project). Check out the image at the bottom of the page for a comparison between knit and purl garter stitch projects.

BUT WAIT - there is another option:

By all standards, garter stitch is one of the easiest and most used knit stitch patterns.

It is also the go-to pattern for beginner knitters.

How to Knit Garter Stitch a basic knit stitch pattern by  How to Knit Garter Stitch, a Beginner Knit Pattern

how TO KNIT garter stitch


k       - knit

rep    - repeat

st       - stitch

sts     - stitches

more about garter stitch

Garter stitch:

  • is a knit stitch pattern;
  • is knit over any amount of stitches and rows;
  • is a reversible stitch, meaning it looks the same on the front and back of your knitting project;
  • it is stretchy;
  • does not curl;
  • you can knit anything in garter stitch and I'm listing some of my patterns towards the bottom of this post;
  • change the look of the garter stitch by adding color.

new to knitting?

Check out the following posts:

the pattern - garter STITCH

Cast on any amount of stitches required for your knitting project - my sample shown is worked over 30 stitches using a DK (double knit) yarn with 4mm (6US, 8UK) needles.

1st   Row (RS): Knit;

Repeat the pattern  until your work is the desired length.

how to obtain a smooth edge when knitting 

To obtain a neat edge, I slip every first stitch of a row (knit-wise) and knit the last stitch in the back loop.

how do i count garter stitch rows?

Garter stitch creates bumps and hills (or mountains).

Every ridge formed, represents 2 rows.

It is easy to confirm just by knitting 3 rows using garter stitch and counting the rows.  Only after the 4th row, the second ridge will appear.

where can you use garter stitch?

  • Scarves/Cowls
  • Hats 
  • Throws
  • Wearable items
  • Home articles


Garter stitch is an easy knitting pattern.

But, don't be fooled, a garter stitch project says a lot about your tension and yarn/needle combination. To obtain a smooth garter stitch fabric, you need to practice.

happy knitting!

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