Free Resources when stuck to Work from Home

Stuck to work from home.

You are probably stressed, worried, uncertain about the future,


Maybe you are trying to keep calm and collected and pray that this too shall pass.

We all react differently to our surrounding circumstances.  Some cope up until a certain point and then collapse, others fall to pieces, just to recover stronger as ever.

I am not writing this post to discuss Corona virus.

The aim is to give you hope, to equip you with resources all around the world wide web, mostly free or heavily reduced. If we survive this, and I am most certain we will, I want you to be prepared, stronger and more focused on your work or business than ever before.

Along these same lines, I have also compiled a post with Fun and Free Resources when stuck at home to enjoy with your family, click here.

Free or low cost resources when stuck to work from home. workfromhome quarantined business Free Resources when stuck to Work from Home

Each free resource has been hyperlinked that will open a new tab and take you to the appropriate site/s.  

Some of the offers have a time restriction to it and may not be available indefinitely.

This list is growing, so come back again to see what has been added. If you have a useful resource, please email me the URL with FREE RESOURCES in the subject line.

free resources when STUCK to

work from HOME

staying focused and productive 'working from work'

    'While a worldwide pandemic is an uncharted territory for us all, working from home is not".

free courses in the "how to make money online" niche

    "This guide is meant to shape your thinking on blogging if you don’t know          what it is and to change your thinking of blogging if you’ve already started."

free online classes (skills)

  • Check out Brit & co's free classes until end of March!

    As quoted from Brit & co:

    "So from us to you, we're making all Brit + Co Online Classes free through March 31st. Go to and use the code SELFCARE at checkout. Stay creative, friends! "

  • Creative Live offers free weekly classes on different topics.  Check it out here. The is over and above their free streaming of all Wellness classes at the moment.

free online classes (learning)

in conclusion

I don't know about you, but I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the online community in this trying time.

And, I can not help but ask: Why does the world have to come to a stand still, for us humans to help each other, to realise we need each other, regardless of age, gender or race?

May GOD protect and save us all!

Free resources when stuck to work from home Free Resources when stuck to Work from Home

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