How to Knit Spring Lace Stitch, a lovely Garter stitch, Scallop Pattern

One of my goals with this blog is to provide you with as many interesting knitting stitches as possible, to be a sort of reference whenever you need new inspiration. Today I'm sharing how to knit Spring Lace Stitch, to add to your knitting library.

May I add that I like easy knits and also want to cater for beginner lace knitters.

The Spring Lace pattern is not difficult at all and uses two knitting techniques, i.e yarn over and purl 3 stitches together. It is definitely possible to knit this beautiful pattern even if you are not an experienced knitter.

Always remember with lace knitting that you need to increase and decrease in order to maintain your stitch count. The yarn overs are to create a new stitch and an opening (the eyelet so to speak).

Spring Lace Knit Stitch Pattern explained on  How to Knit Spring Lace Stitch, a lovely Garter stitch, Scallop Pattern

how to knit spring lace stitch - a lovely garter stitch scallop'y' pattern

materials needed: 

  • Any Yarn of your choice
  • The sample was knit with Elle Gold (DK) yarn/Light worsted yarn
  • Knitting Needles according to the thickness of your yarn (I used 4mm, 6US, 8UK)

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knitting techniques used:

  • Casting on stitches
  • How to purl
  • How to purl 3 stitches together
  • How to yarn over (when purling)
  • Casting off stitches

size / dimensions (approximate):

5" wide (13 cm) x 5.5" long (approximate 14.5 cm) (including the scalloped edge)


With the materials as listed, my gauge is:

21 stitches knit over 32 rows.

skill level:

Easy and suitable for beginner lace knitters.

You will need to be able to purl 3 stitches together and to yarn over when purling.

more about spring lace stitch

  • The Spring Lace pattern is not reversible, though there is only a slight difference between the back and the front of work.
  • The right side of your knitting project will feature a prominent ridge above the eyelet row.
  • The pattern is created by purling all the stitches.
  • The pattern creates a scalloped edge with an interesting finished look.

In my research of this particular lace knitting pattern, the only other Spring Lace pattern created a totally different stitch than the one in the pin image.

Time will tell which stitch is the real Spring Lace stitch.


p         - purl

p3tog - purl 3 stitches together

st        - stitch

sts      - stitches

RS      - right side

yo       - yarn over

WS     - wrong side

how to yarn over when purling:

knitting pattern instructions

stitch PATTERN for spring lace stitch:

Assuming you knit with 2 needles, flat:

Cast on multiples of 12 + 1 (25sts for swatch)

Knit as follows:-

1st Row - *p1, yarn over, p4, p3tog, p4, yarn over; repeat from * across, ending with p1.

2nd Row and all WS rows - purl

3rd Row - *p2, yarn over, p3, p3tog, p3, yarn over, p1; repeat from * across, ending with p1.

5th Row - *p3, yarn over, p2, p3tog, p2, yarn over, p2; repeat from * across, ending with p1.

7th Row - *p4, yarn over, p1, p3tog, p1, yarn over, p3; repeat from * across, ending with p1.

9th Row - *p5, yarn over, p3tog, yarn over, p4; repeat from * across, ending with p1.

Row 10 - as row 2

Repeat rows 1 - 10 until your work is the desired length.

Cast off and weave in ends.

**Refer to the knitting chart for a visual explanation of the pattern. 

does this stitch curl?

Luckily no curling with garter stitch patterns.

what can i knit in spring lace stitch pattern?

The answer is - whatever you want.

Because Lace knitting patterns creates delicate and fine fabrics, it is mostly knit in fingering weight yarn.

You are the creator of your own unique knitting project. If you have worsted weight yarn or even aran weight yarn in your stash, nothing is going to withhold you from using it.

A combination of stockinette stitch with a lace panel looks gorgeous and you should definitely try it.

For some more knit stitch pattern inspiration browse around Pinterest and have a look at Russian jersey and sweater patterns. You won't have time to knit everything you save.

More suggestions to use the Spring Lace pattern:

  • Scarves/Cowls
  • Baby blankets 
  • Throws or throws panels
  • Jerseys
  • Sweaters
  • Shawls

in conclusion:

Knitting relaxes you and whenever you want to do something whilst knitting, stocking stitch is a no-brainer.

Whatever you do - 

Happy knitting!

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