Machine Embroidery Pinterest Boards worth visiting

Machine Embroidery is a craft growing in popularity. When it comes to end-users, like you and me, we tend to buy designs from designers we like over and over again. But, like a good breeder, we sometimes need new blood and where else to find new and amazing designers and shops than in Pinterest Machine Embroidery boards of co-embroiderers?

There are so many sites, designers and shops offering machine embroidery related products that it is almost impossible for anyone to know and visit all!

Check out my list of great Pinterest boards and see what other crafters are saving!

machine embroidery boards to inspire & give new ideas!

EMBROIDERY DESIGNS by husqvarna viking

The Embroidery designs board of Husqvarna is full of project inspiration.  Lots of household goodies and designs to embellish your decor.

machine embroidery & monograms by Crafty Life mom

Layne is a new blogger but has been around crafting for years!

Her interests are almost an exact match of mine. Why is it that most embroiderers are also Silhouette or Cricut users?

Anyways, Layne's shares embroidery designs, tips and monograms on her board.

You can check it out here: Machine Embroidery & Monograms (click on link).

machine embroidery by Embroider it

If you are looking for 'dainty' designs, you will love Embroider Its board and designs.

Her own designs are mainly 'word art' and ITH designs.

The designer is new to me, but I already like her offerings:

Visit Machine Embroidery board.

embroidery fonts by ITCH 2 STITCH

What a convenient board this is - a whole board of Embroidery Fonts!

I don't know about you, but I followed it immediately.

It is so nice to see all the stitched-out fonts and makes picking one so much easier.

I have bought from Itch 2 Stitch before and can really recommend their designs.

Go the the Embroidery Fonts board here.

machine embroidery boards 1 Machine Embroidery Pinterest Boards worth visiting
 Machine Embroidery Pinterest Boards worth visiting

embroidery machine patterns by VERA CAMPBELL

This grandmother cum great-grandmother is an all-rounder!

I had to laugh when I saw her description of her Embroidery Machine Patterns board - "I just ordered my new machine and am trying to gather patterns to use. I am going to love this if I ever learn how to work the machine !"

Vera, I'm hoping the 2400+ pins on your board got you busy! Your enthusiasm for the craft is endearing.

Embroidery Machine Patterns board.

​​​​EASY ON THE TONGUE - various

Can the list be complete without adding my own boards? I don't think so - I worked hard saving all those lovely pins.

Here is a list of all my Machine Embroidery related boards:

Machine Embroidery Designs board

Machine Embroidery - In the Hoop Ideas

Machine Embroidery - Projects

Machine Embroidery - How to's,Tutorials & Tips

quilts with machine embroidery by Advanced embroidery designs

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Is that why you have not attempted quilting before?


Are you just looking for new ideas?

You will get new inspiration from this board - I'm sure it can reduce the time spend on a quilt if you do some of the stitching with your embroidery machine?!

Quilts with Machine Embroidery

church machine embroidery by marie quigg

Cathedral-like designs - crosses, lambs, designs for clergy, lace bibles and lots more.

Church Machine Embroidery

Babies, Children & Expectant Moms BY OPW

This board is a treasure chest!

It contains machine embroidery designs, ITH designs, Machine embroidery projects and more.

Babies, Children & Expectant Moms

Nothing has to limit you!

Above all, that is why we always need to push our boundaries to explore!

Want to expand your Machine Embroidery design base? Check out my list of Pinterest boards on topic.

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Free ITH Machine Embroidery 3 Machine Embroidery Pinterest Boards worth visiting


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